Kor'kron Dark Shamans tactics

4-04-2015, 20:37
Тактика на Кор’кронских темных шаманов

Two Siege of Orgrimmar bosses have been added on our uwow.biz World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 realms, namely Kor'kron Dark Shamans and General Nazgrim. And no, it's not some kind of an april fools' joke.

Personally, after testing these bosses on 25 man normal mode I got lots of emotions. It's needless to say that I'm happy because of the maximum workability we managed to get. Moreover, I didn't notice any critical bugs and 1 or 2 small ones are not even noticeable. In this regard, everything is just perfect. You can say that everything works like on official server.
It's very interesting and enjoyable when it comes to killing these bosses (new bosses, new tactics, diversity), and the long-awaited loot is a good addition to it. You definitely can not say that these bosses are "easy" or describe them as "dummies" and all that, because you have to work quite hard and strictly follow the tactics.

Let's talk about the tactics, shall we?
A little introduction: you can tell by the description of this article that these bosses will use elemental powers, using their shaman totems. The whole fight is based on it. Let's proceed to the tactics.
On the whole, you can say that these bosses are of "tanking" type, because the whole responsibility lies on the tanks.
There is no such thing as group positioning. Tanks should drag bosses as range damage dealers (RDD) are trying to kill http://wowhead.com/npc=71859 (male). As for melee damage dealers (DD), they should target http://wowhead.com/npc=71858 (female). The whole raid group must spread across the whole place in order to avoid puddles and other "troubles".

A special feature is that both shamans [b]share health[b] which means that area of effect (AOE) damage abilities are greatly helpful while killing both of them.

To kill these bosses you will need 2 tanks and 5 healers for 25 man difficulty and only 3 healers for 10 man mode.
I also want to point out that as you pull the bosses, two wolves will appear simultaneously, after Shamans will dismount from them. You need to kill them quickly and calmly proceed to killing the bosses themselves. The wolves have only two abilities: http://wowhead.com/spell=144304 and http://wowhead.com/spell=144303.

[b]Let's start from the tanks:[/b]
At 3 stacks (from negative spell on you) http://wowhead.com/spell=144215 which is applied by Earthbreaker, tanks should switch between the bosses. The one who is tanking Wavebinder should drag her away as she starts casting http://wowhead.com/spell=143993, because Green slugs will appear, causing great damage around themselves. RDDealers should AOE them down as fast as possible.
Also, tanks should drag the raid and Shamans from all sorts of puddles, whirls and so on, running around the whole place, otherwise you will stuck in a corner and wipe from bosses' AOE abilities.
Now let's talk about different abilities these two Shamans have. They start to use their abilities as they fall to a certain hp percentage and then use them for the rest of the fight. Here are the details:

[b]85% health points[/b]
After reaching this amount of hp (health points), http://wowhead.com/spell=144030 dark purple tornado appears. They move randomly and deal 200k damage to those who will stand nearby. The raid group has to avoid them.
http://wowhead.com/spell=144089 debuff almost simultaneously applies to randomly chosen players. It will tick 10 times during 30 seconds. Every tick of it will be bigger by 10% and it means that the last tick will deal 100% damage. Those who got this debuff can use some defensive cooldowns. It will be better to use them as the debuff fades in order to reduce the amount of damage from the strongest tick.

[b]65% health points[/b]
Earthbreaker puts a mark on a random player and after a few seconds pours a http://wowhead.com/spell=144090 which spreads all the way to the chosen player. That's why that player should run away from tфhe raid group so the stream can touch as least players as it can. If you suddenly managed to get into it, try to get out as fast as possible, because it deals 300k damage.
The geysers that create Green slugs will appear during this hp percentage (I've already mentioned them above).

[b]50% health points[/b]
Bosses build a wall from elementals: http://wowhead.com/spell=144070 which deals damage to anyone who will come too close.
Initially, on this hp percentage, a meteorite should appear that kills everyone near its landing place, but it's not implemented yet.

On [b]25% health points[/b] bosses go "enrage" mode that gives +25% damage and speed. At this point, you need to use all your offensive cooldowns and finish off the bosses.

Good luck killing bosses on uwow.biz, the №1 World of Warcraft server on mmotop ratings