Siege of Orgrimmar History. Part 1

10-04-2015, 15:25
История Осады Оргриммара. Часть 1

At the project’s Mists of Pandaria realms an implementation of the raid dungeon Siege of Orgrimmar continues. As recently as a few days ago, two new bosses were added, which will surely delight the players with new impressions of the instance passage and new item for their characters.

However, I would like to take a dive into the history of the Siege of Orgrimmar. Today we will focus on the first part of the raid - Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

An ancient god Y'Shaarj was locked in the stash of the titans for many centuries. After kor'kron guards had opened his tomb, Garrosh Hellscream decided to awaken the heart of Y'Shaarj to use it as an invincible weapon and absolute source of power. But it was not so easy to do. The heart lying in prison for centuries didn’t respond to the magic and Garrosh decided to use the power of the energy reservoirs of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Once the heart had touched the holy water, it instantly awakened splashing out millennial evil and corrupting the Vale of Eternal Blossoms sources. Many creatures which were living peacefully in Vale, died in that moment. Blooming ground covered with the corrupt, the old trees turned into charred trunks as a reminder of accomplished great crime. Sha creatures settled at once green meadows and hills.

But the evil center focused under the Mogu'Shan Palace. There, in the source of power, the living manifestation of the waters was hidden, bestowing a blessing and his magic to all the Vale of Eternal Blossoms reservoirs. Immerseus was also corrupted by Sha and his cleansing magic gained the dark force that poured into the rivers and lakes of Pandaria, constantly filling them with the corrupt particles.

To try to return Vale of Eternal Blossoms its former appearance the most courageous and brave heroes have to enter the dungeon and help the Lorewalkers to clean Immerseus of the evil and return him the healing magic which is able to make the Pandaria waters clean and vital again.

When the heart of Y'Shaarj was activated, death overtook the Vale of Eternal Blossoms guardians, Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan Pandarens. Their bodies were torn to pieces, but the souls of brave defenders caught in the epicenter did not find rest. Tormented by memories that they could not stop the Garrosh’s crimes and save the Vale of Eternal Blossoms the soul remained in the place which they had sworn to protect. Embodiments of the Fallen Protectors are impregnated with the corrupt and guarding the ruins they unwittingly became the evil guards resisting those who would like to revive the former glory of this place.

During the liberation of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms each of the heroes is unwittingly impregnated with the spirit of Sha, presenting everywhere in the air, water and land. Norushen helps to get rid of the bad influence. There are rumors that it is in his own likeness mogu race was created. Norushen meant to guard the darkest and most dangerous secrets of Pandaria, however, he was unable to prevent the Garrosh Hellscream’s deeds and now is trying to correct his mistake and help the heroes to restore emotional balance, eliminating the corrupt traces from their souls.

After cleansing, Norushen opens the stone door for the heroes, behind which an even greater danger lies. Sha of Pride locked in his prison accumulates its evil here. It is Sha of Pride who was the last seventh challenge Emperor Shaohao didn’t manage to cope with. In attempts to stop the spread of the Sha corrupt, Pandaria was hidden in the mists from the eyes of strangers by order of the emperor. But when the fog was cleared, Sha forces began to gain power, enslaving the souls of those who were subject to various vices: fear, evil, cruelty ... When Garrosh Hellscream awakened the heart of Y'Shaarj from centuries of sleep, the power of his arrogance and pride merged with the dark energy currents in the hall where the heart was found by kor'kron guards.

In this hall, the first part of the struggle with the dark forces on the way to Garrosh liberation from the pernicious influence of the ancient god Y'Shaarj ends.

To be continued…