General Nazgrim Strategy Guide

13-04-2015, 23:12
Тактика на Генерала Назгрима

Now, let’s consider strategy guide for the second new boss. This is great and terrifying General, whose name is Nazgrim.

A bit of introduction: the class of this boss is warrior. And, as we know, the warriors’ main resource is rage. And the whole fight is focused on accumulating of this resource.

You need the same amount of healers and tanks as at the previous boss. To be precise: 2 tanks and 25 healers in 25-players mode and three healers in 10-players mode.

There is no special arrangement. Players have to disperse across the given area to receive less damage from the boss’ AoE abilities.

Note, that General may use abilities not often that once per 15 seconds. Also, he will cast on two random players every 30 seconds. This debuff reduce hp by 10% and hit 40k per second.

Now, let’s consider the other boss’ abilities. They depend on the amount of the rage he has.

At 30 rage points the boss jumps to a random target inflicting 300k damage in a radius of 10m from the landing point. At the same point he creates orange cross you have to run away from which. Otherwise it inflicts essential 400k damage and allows Nazgrim to accumulate rage faster.

At 50 rage points the boss installs a standard which brings 3 rage points for every adds’ (about them later) attack. I.e. this standard must be destroyed immediately.

At 70 rage points – and you’d rather not allow him to accumulate such amount of rage – Nazgrim casts, which inflicts 50% damage to every raid member.

At 100 rage points he throws, on the ground which will exist till the end of the fight. It hits rather painfully.

Now, let’s speak about the Stances. Just as ordinary warrior he has battle stance, Berserker Stance and defensive stance.
Let’s consider them briefly:
Upon activated battle stance the boss generates 1 rage every 1 sec.

Berserk stance increases damage dealt by 25%, damage taken by 25%, and rage generation by 100%.

Defensive stance reduces damage taken by 10% and grants rage when struck. Here you’d better stop dps.

Now, let’s move on to the fight itself. Let’s start with tanks::

Tanks should interchange each other upon three stacks of Firstly, it should be done for tanks not to die and, secondly, for the boss not to accumulate rage too fast, since he gain 5 points for every stack.
When the mobs appear one tank remain with the boss and the other tank takes adds.

Lets’s speak about the adds:

There are four types of mobs: warrior, arcane mage, rogue and shaman. The first three are not too dangerous. However, it should mentioned that mages gradually increase their damage and the rogues must be thrown out of invisibility before they hit somebody.

As you may guess, the shaman is the prior target for us and it means that they must be killed first. The shaman must be kept away from the boss to prevent healing, must be interrupted, and, must be destroyed. If you don’t do it, the shaman will almost fully heal the boss.

That’s it. Now, let’s summarize mentioned above without details:
• Tanks interchange each other every three stacks.
• The raid mustn’t stay in orange cross.
Destroy standard as soon as it appears.
• Use all the bursts at the berserk stance and stop attacks at the defensive stance.
Kill the mobs upon their appearance.
• The shaman must be killed first. interrupt their casts and destroy totems.

If you stick to this strategy the boss will be easy to kill.

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