Siege of Orgrimmar History. Part 2

18-04-2015, 15:37
История Осады Оргриммара. Часть 2

While Mists of Pandaria players are waiting for a new boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar, we continue to acquaint you with the history of the raid dungeon.

Today we are going to tell you about the second quarter of the Siege, which is better known as the Gates of Retribution.

After defeating Sha of Pride, the Horde and the Alliance mages open the portals to the Dranosh'ar Blockade, Durotar in order to allow the fighters to damage the cannons and help the arrival of the allied fleet. As soon as the troops landed and set a camp, they were attacked by the advance detachments of orcs from the Dragonmaw Clan, whose actions were deadly and streamlined. But no matter how much the liberators were looking around, they could not understand who directs the orcs. Having tired of the endless onslaught of the arriving armed troops and exhausted from the heat, the heroes looked up to the sky, hoping to see at least a little cloud that would close the scorching sun. What they saw in the sky shook the military leaders. Warlord Zaela floated above the battlefield riding on Galakras, the Last Brood of Galakrond.

The Horde and the Alliance military generals understood that while Zaela is alive, orcs’ attacks won’t stop. It was vitally needed to undermine the morale of the enemy. This task was entrusted to the most skillful archers, but all attempts to hit Zaela failed. She was hidden by the massive ancient Proto-Drake, whose scale for centuries coarsened so, that usual arrows couldn’t cause Galakras any harm.

At the military council was decided to form the troop of the best fighters who would capture defensive towers and using cannons would try to shoot down Galakras so that the army could fight with it in a ground combat. The towers were quickly captured. Warriors coped with their tasks, the command plan worked and the army besieging Orgrimmar which was captured by enemies defeated a mighty dragon and the commanders of the orcs’ army. Remains of troops, that recently were straining to fight, fled in fear. It was one of the most important victories in endless battles with the minions of Garrosh Hellscream.

Going deep into Durotar to the gates of Orgrimmar, the heroes did not encounter enemy forces. This alerted the army leaders. And they were right. In front of the Orgrimmar gates army met Iron Juggernaut, the huge mechanical monster, practically invincible, created by crazy engineers in the image of kor'kron scorpions and meant to wreak havoc and destruction around itself. Juggernaut was defeated in the heavy combat. Inspired by great victories the characters entered Orgrimmar.

At the main square of Orgrimmar in the Valley of Strength heroes met a new enemy represented by Earthbreaker Haromm and Wavebinder Kardris. In the old days, they taught thousands of shamans to conquer the elements. They were always Garrosh’s supporters and following their leader they set foot on the dark path. Attempts to bring the dark shaman to reason and turn their regards on the Garrosh’s crimes failed. Resisting the liberators of Orgrimmar, Haromm and Kardris use elements, turning the air into the poison, poisoning the water and turning the ground into ash. But even in such a difficult battle, in opposition to elemental magic, the characters have the upper hand.

Another victory won, but the war is not over yet. The Horde and the Alliance forces have to face the most difficult battles. Moving to the Drag, the fighters are preparing to meet with a new enemy, waiting for them in the Ragefire Chasm.

During the reign of Thrall, the former leader Nazgrim was an ordinary soldier who fought on the side of the Horde. However, thanks to his military and tactical skills, he quickly became a general, having won major victories in Grizzly Hills and sunken Vashj'ir. General Nazgrim is infinitely loyal to the Horde and his leader. He strictly follows the military code, and honor and duty above all to Nazgrim. Even the thought of betraying is disgusting to him. In the battle, General ruthlessly killed the Horde warriors whose he taught the tricks of war not so long ago. Nazgrim fought to the last drop of blood, trying to defend Garrosh Hellscream.

The victory over General Nazgrim brought no joy to the soldiers of the Horde, because they lost a great warrior, one of the best sons of the Horde. They believed till the end that Nazgrim would come to its senses and stop supporting Garrosh, blinded by power.

Alliance, on the contrary, rejoiced. The one who brought in awe generation of warriors finally defeated. The one, preventing the Alliance forces from winning a single major victory.

In the Ragefire Chasm, at the hall where General Nazgrim was killed finishes the second stage of the fight against universal evil, absorbing all the good and bright in Azeroth.

To be continued…

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