Glory of the Hero Guide. Part 1

23-04-2015, 19:10
Гайд по достижению «Слава Герою». Часть 1 – is not only interesting achievement to complete. As a gift for its completion, players get pretty mount - This achievement is completely implemented at the project and World of Warcraft mount collectors may get coveted proto.

In this guide we will write about the completion of every criterion and for convenience, they will be ordered by instance. Note that all the achievements should be completed in the Heroic mode!


The first achievement to complete is This is a very easy achievement. An obligatory condition is the lack of AoE damage (AoE - Area of Effect).

Then go to and complete This achievement is elementary and requires only good DPS (damage per second).

And, the last achievement in Azjol-Nerub is To complete it, you need to kill less than 4 minutes. The difficulty lies in the fact that the boss often enough digs into the ground, where it is impossible to hit him with the abilities of direct action. However, if there are dots on the boss before going underground (abilities inflicting periodic damage), they continue to beat him. Accordingly, in order to kill, quickly, you need to renew your dots on him before going underground.

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

The first achievement to complete in this dungeon is This is an easy achievement but you mustn’t use AoE-abilities in order not to kill adds accidently.

The next one is is another easy achievement. However, you need to make sure that no one uses AoE abilities.

The last one here is To complete this achievement you need to kill in less than 2 minutes. You need a good DPS to kill adds at the phases and, of course, the boss quickly.

The Violet Hold

This dungeon is quite random and it is almost impossible to complete all the achievements at a time, because every time at the 6th and the 12th waves one of the six bosses randomly appears and only at the 18th wave the boss is fixed.

And now let’s speak about the Violet Hold achievements themselves. is an easy one. Just don’t use AoE in order not to kill adds accidently. is more difficult. When goes into another phase, the players need to be careful and kill all the drops that occur far enough away from the boss and begin to crawl rapidly to it. The drops have not too many hp, therefore, DPS is not important in the completion of this achievement.

To complete you need to kill all the bosses that appear at the 6th and 12th waves. – is perhaps one of the easiest achievements. It is important not to let adds to the gates of the Violet Hold. To do this, it’s enough for tank to take adds, and for dps to kill them quickly.


First of all, complete This is an easy achievement which requires a good DPS. is quite easy, but also requires a good DPS.

Immediately after go to, get, debuff, which you will need to complete (It is important not to die during the battle with

And finally, one of the most interesting achievements - For its completion you need a group of five people. Each member of the group should receive debuff from (NOT from, as many players think falsely).

Drak'Tharon Keep

There are three achievements in this dungeon.

The first one is - Easy to complete if you group has a good DPS.

Then, we complete After the pull is hiding under the shield, which gives him immunity to damage. At the same time, adds start going downstairs. The group's task is to kill the adds, while they are still on the stairs. Also, mobs will be appearing from the side passage, the killing of which will deactivate the Novos’ force shield crystals. There are four mobs of this type. Once four mobs are killed the dome disappears, adds stops going downstairs and the boss may be killed.

The last achievement is - Note, that to complete this achievement you have to wait the raptors, which are called by during the fight.

Utgarde Pinnacle

This first achievement here is Pull the boss, taunt, ***, lower its hp to 5000-7000 hp. When Svala teleports a player and begins to cast a sword, it is necessary to drag Hulk under the sword. Hulk gets debuff and then you may finish it and Svala off and complete the achievement.

During the fight with you should complete two achievements. The first one is, -it’s an achievement against the time. You need to kill appearing adds, collect spears, throw them to Skadi and kill him. All of these should be done in less than three minutes. The second achievement is - It is done along with the first one.

Finally, Achievement requires a good DPS in the group. You need to use all the bursts at the beginning of the battle with the boss, in order not to get a curse debuff before the stun, which is casted on all group members. During the battle with dots will be useful, inflicting damage while the whole group is in the stun.

To be continued…