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18-05-2015, 21:51
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Good day, dear guests and users of project. Today we will speak about the achievements and, which are certainly interesting for the achievements collectors. In this guide we are going to speak about how to fulfill every criterion in 10-players and 25-players modes.

Most of the achievements are completed in Naxxramas. We'll start with it.

To complete you need to kill all the Naxxramas bosses with a group consisting of 8 or less people., is completed similarly, but in the raid zone should be 20 or less players. and are completed in the same way. Since the pull of the boss you need to use all the bursts in order kill Patchwerk in less than 3 minutes. inflicts damage in a melee-zone and, respectively, mdd have to be careful during the battle and move away from the boss when he attacks.

Here, in the Construct Quarter, during a fight with 2 more achievements can be done at each difficulty mode. and are quite difficult. At the beginning of the battle the boss casts debuff on all the players with a positive or negative charge. To fulfill the criteria of the achievement players with the opposite charges must not come into contact with each other. Therefore, every raid members should be in a range of 10 meters from each other. Also, Thaddius casts every 30 seconds. Mdd must move away from the tank before casting. After casting, only those melee fighters must come to the tank whose polarity coincides with the polarity of the tank (i.e., if the tank has a positive charge, mdd with the negative charges should not approach him). and *** are completed by non-full raid. For the 10-players mode should be no more than 8 players in a raid and for the 25-players mode - no more than 20 players.

As for the Plague Quarter you need to perform only one achievement in every difficulty. In the battle with none of the raid members must die. Upon completion, everyone is given and in 10 and 25 raids respectively. This boss is particularly difficult, because the raid need to move around the room areas to avoid the poison spikes from the cracks in the floor. Upon each burst, only one of the four parts of the room remains a safe area. The battle with the Heigan the Unclean is especially difficult for casters and healers because of the debuff.

There are two achievements in the Arachnid Quarter for each difficulty. To complete and in a battle with you need to use the AoE abilities as little as possible, or the off tank should take four mobs standing near the boss as quickly as possible and move them away while the raid is beating Faerlina.

The second achievement in each difficulty is achievement against time. It is needed to kill in less than 20 minutes after death. If the raid succeeds to kill Maexxna in the allotted time every participant will receive or (depending on the raid difficulty).

In the Military Quarter you need only one achievement for the "Glory of the Raider" 10/25 - or At first glance, this is a quite difficult achievement, because you need a strong attention in a battle with NPC. You need to kill them simultaneously and the other riders must die within 15 seconds after the death of the first one. Riders cast debuffs which are stacked and increase the damage from their abilities.
Two riders, and, use melee attacks. They should be kept by the tanks whose target is to interchange each other every 3-4 stacks.
The other two, and, inflict exclusively magic damage and can be kept by any dd. However, they also need to interchange each other every 3-4 stacks, not to die and to ease the healers’ job.

To complete or none of the raid members should have a frost resist value over 100 during the battle with

And, finally, and You need to kill 18 abominations during the battle with They appear during the first phase of the boss battle and stand in the side rooms as well. They can be dragged out of the rooms and killed to be sure that you killed enough to complete the achievement.

Also, before the 4.0.6 patch, achievements and, had entered the Glory of the Raider, to complete them none of the raid members should die in the battle with the bosses of the entire dungeon.

After completion of all the achievements in Naxxramas, go to the Eye of Eternity. There, in a fight with Malygos, you need to complete 4 achievements at every level of difficulty. and is given just for killing Malygos in 10/25-players raid respectively.

In order to get and, is required to kill the boss in less than 6 minutes.

To complete and, there should be no more than 8 players in 10-players mode and 20 players in 25-players mode in the raid dungeon during a fight with

When Malygos goes to the second phase, the adds appear - and First of all you need to kill the Nexus Lords. After their death, floating discs remain, standing on which, you need to inflict the last damage on the Scion of Eternity, to complete or (depending on the raid difficulty). Note the fact that the achievement is individual. That is, it will be given only to the players who were standing on the discs while inflicting the finishing attack.

The last raid dungeon for completion of the achievements for the "Glory of the Raider" is the Obsidian Sanctum. Here, two achievements are waiting to be completed.

To complete and you need to clean up all the trash in the dungeon before you start a fight with During the fight with Sartharion it will call on the help of every mini-boss. When he calls the last, you just need to finish Sartharion for completion of the achievement..

Here, in the Obsidian Sanctum, you should complete an individual achievement for 10-players mode and for 25-players mode. The best of all is to do this achievement apart from the previous one, because if all three mini-bosses are alive, Sartharion has more HP and the fight with him is longer and a bit more difficult. And now, let’s speak about what need to be done to complete the achievement. During the battle, walls of fire appear on the right or on the left side. However, the walls are not solid and they have gaps and we need to get into them. Those characters who won’t get debuff from the wall during the whole battle will complete Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows.

We hope our guide helped you to complete and

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