The August Celestials Strategy Guide

20-05-2015, 11:35
Тактика на Августейших Небожителей

Good day, visitors and users of the game project. Today we will consider the strategy guide for four bosses at once! And to be precise, all the August Celestials, the Guardians of Pandaria. Let’s get down to business.
There are four August Celestials, as I mentioned above, namely: Yu'lon (The Jade Serpent), Xuen (The White Tiger), Chi-Ji (The Red Crane) and Niuzao (The Black Ox). Fight with them is going in a circle. That is, killing one of them you must fight with the next one. Now, let’s consider important moments which you should now to kill Celestials.
To kill Yu'lon the entire raid should know:

- Move a lot and watch where you are. Also, you need to disperse across the entire area provided at a distance from each other.

- None of the players should stay in front of the boss, because of, inflicting damage to everyone in front of the Yu'lon’s face.

- There may be green puddles, and everyone should run out of them, that’s why you should mind your steps!

- From time to time, Yu-Lun summons a wall of fire, the length of which will occupy the entire arena with the only small passage for the players. All the players need to instantly find it and go through it. For this reason, it’s better for a tank to keep the boss at the center of the arena.

- All the players near the boss, who are usually tanks and mdd, will be receiving a stacking debuff, increasing incoming damage stack after stack.

To kill Xuen you should remember:
- You need two tanks who will be interchanging each other every 4-5 stacks of cone AoE spell For this reason, the entire raid should stand behind the boss.

- You also need to be dispersed at the area provided because of the ability, which will jump from player to player if they stand too close.

- From time to time the boss will use on a random player, so all the players in the area, need to quickly move away from this place.

- Also, Xuen will scatter in random directions inflicting damage to all the players who are within a 3 meters radius from the landing point. Of course, you need to run away from them.

- Finally, the boss will cast the buff, increasing his haste. This buff needs to be dispelled or stolen

To kill Chi-Ji you need to know:
- The boss casts, on a random player, near to whom a pillar of light is formed, and then uses, inflicting significant damage to everyone who isn’t standing in this very light.

- From time to time Chi-Ji will be creating several at the arena. You just need to move away from them.

- – the ability, using which, the boss will call several small cranes which will run to the borders of the arena and leave trails. You must touch neither cranes nor trails.

- And the last but not least. – the ability which needs to be broken, otherwise the boss will restore up to 50% of hp.

And the last Celestial is Niuzao. Let’s consider what you need to know to kill him:
- At 66% and 33% of health the boss starts to run along the arena borders inflicting severe damage to everyone he face.

- When the boss casts the tank needs to use taunt since the ability removes all threat and it means that the boss will attack other player.

- Healers need to consider a stacking debuff, increasing the players’ hp by 20%, and the boss damage by 10% per stack and powerful AoE damage from, which is used every minute for 10 seconds.

Speaking about the loot from these bosses: you may get only one gear from all the bosses which will drop into your bag automatically.
That's it. I hope that these tips will help you to kill the August Celestials. Come and conquer them at the №1 World of Warcraft game server in mmotop rating -

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