Glory of the Ulduar Raider Guide

28-05-2015, 19:13
Гайд по достижению «Слава рейдеру Ульдуара»

Ulduar is, perhaps, the most beautiful and interesting raid dungeon of World of Warcraft. project users have the opportunity to walk through it completely and enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful inst. There are 14 bosses in Ulduar in total, which will help you to get not only unusually beautiful items for transmogrification but a lot of interesting achievements as well. Some of these achievements are included in and, for completion of which players will get and respectively.

Today we will tell you about how to perform each of the achievement for Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10/25. Note that completion of almost every achievement should be done in hard mode and are completed in the battle with On the way to the boss there are four towers (two on each side), which provide buffs to Leviathan and increase the amount of his health, if they are not destroyed. So, in order to get Orbit-uary all four towers should not be destroyed. During completing of the achievement it is very important to the players on the Salvaged Demolishers to stack pyrite on Leviathan correctly, otherwise the fight will be too long.

To complete and you just need to defeat in less than 4 minutes.

Completion of and takes a long time. During the air phase of dwarves appear from the Iron Mole Machines. To complete the achievement only are needed. They should be collected by the tank, while the rest of the mobs can be safely killed. To Razorscale be able to finish off the guard, it must have approximately 5000-7000hp by the moment of casting. and are rather easy to complete. The only condition is to leave all the bursts by the time of the heart appearance. appears at 75%, 50% and 25% of When 75% of the heart appears, the raid should be prozhat all burst. As soon as the heart dies, the boss restores health and acquire The raid task is to finish off the Deconstructor.

A lot of achievements are completed in the battle with Assembly of Iron. But for the Glory of the Ulduar Raider only and are required. For their completion you need to kill the last. Note that after the death of the first of the Assembly bosses the other two restore their health and gain new skills making it more difficult to kill them.

Fighting with, you have to complete and In order to complete the achievement successfully the hands’ hp must be lowered to 10% and the body’s hp must be lowered to 37-40 %. When the health levels of the boss and his hands reach this mark, you must use all your bursts. First of all, you need to finish off the hands (killing of each hand takes 15% of the boss’ health away), and then quickly kill Kologarn.

For completion of and, special attention is required. It is important not to kill any For this reason, OT needs to move these guardians away from the raid. By the way, it is better to tank these guardians with two tanks at a time, because a tank starts to receive a lot of damage upon debuff stacking. At this time, the raid under the bursts should kill as quickly as possible.

During the fight with you need to complete and It’s required to kill Hodir in less than 3 minutes. To beat the boss as convenient as possible, each of the raid members should get three buff that are given by the NPCs presenting in the room.

Battle with allows you to complete and To fulfill this condition, Thorim must come to the arena, not later than 3 minutes after the launch of the event in the boss room.

During the fight with in the Conservatory of Life you need to complete and Mandatory condition is to remain all three ancient treants alive:, and It should be noted that the presence of the treants complicates the boss fight.

To complete and, you need to press the red button before the fight with which is in front of the entrance in the boss room (this will activate hard mode), and then kill Mimiron.

Fighting with, you have to complete and In order, appeared, 8 should appear in the boss room. They mustn’t be killed in any case. If at least one of them is destroyed, Saronite Animus won’t appear and it will be impossible to complete the achievement.

And, finally, the last criterion - and for 10-players and 25-players modes respectively. This is, perhaps, the most difficult achievement in Ulduar. To fulfill the required conditions, it’s necessary that none of the Keepers of Ulduar helped players in the fight with Hard mode at this boss requires utmost attention, as well as a lot of dispell, because throughout the entire fight various debuffs appear at the players constantly.

Completing all of the above mentioned conditions you may get and If your raid participants are careful enough and are familiar with the boss strategies, you need only one CD for each raid dungeon difficulty.

We hope that our tips and commentaries will help you to get two nice proto-drakes

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