Description of the Unique x25 MoP Realm

29-05-2015, 18:31
Описание уникального игрового мира MoP х25

Good day, dear players and visitors of the game project. Today we are going to speak about a unique Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 realm, namely, about the x25 realm. Let’s consider it in details.

This game world was opened on the 5th of December and it means that it is the youngest of all the Pandaria realms, excluding FUN. How can it get your attention? Of course, by the fact that this is a PvE realm, which are very and very rare now. Average Rate (experience rate) for leveling is the best for those who don’t want to level too long and don’t want to get everything instantly at the same time.

This realm is unique and the only of its kind. It’s only here you have the possibility to ask GM if you want to collect the raid combining both the Horde and the Alliance and just to chat friendly with GM in LFG. There are two curators who care about the realm, implementing small changes, as well as selecting the best of the best for the post of realm administrators.

Here is a list of all the rates existing at the realm:
- Mobs and all kind of bosses killing rate: x25
- Quests completing rate: x25
- Gear drop chance: x8
- The amount of gold rate: x10
- Honor points modifier: x10
- Reputation and professions rate: x8
- The bosses’ health and damage reduction: 25%

The event-managers team started to make unique and interesting events from the very first day. Their main difference from similar events of other realms is that almost all of them are carried out using the buildings, which means that here you won’t face game events from the category of "Find and bring it" but something like a huge maze, soccer, obstacle line and much more.

Recently it began to develop its unique quest chain. In this chain, players are supposed to team up with Ronin, collect pieces of the legendary map and find the Pirate’s Treasure Island whose name is Free Horn. Towards this goal, players have to go through many trials, defeat many evil creatures and uncover the secrets of an ancient map to find this treasured island. This chain is not only a way to entertain yourself, but also a good way to dress up, since at the end of every part you will receive a small prize, which is better than the previous one. At the moment, two parts of this wonderful and interesting story have implemented!

This realm is also interesting by its very tight-knit guilds because of its other feature. This feature is so-called guild-houses. These are homes for the guilds, where there is almost everything for existence. The first such home will be gifted to one of the guilds during the event. If the guild wants it may expand and improve the guild house. In other words, customize it.

As I wrote earlier, it’s a PvE realm, but it doesn’t mean that here you won’t face PvP battles, battlegrounds, arena and son on. You will get all of these. PvE mode, in this case, will guarantee you a safe from the opposite faction attacks while leveling.

In other words, once you get to this realm, you will see a lot of new and unusual things which you won’t meet at other realms. The x25 realm is for those who want to achieve a lot, but not instantaneously, with efforts, but not so strong.
Also, you still have an opportunity to join the administration of the realm that will allow you become utterly absorbed in its atmosphere.

Come to our unique Mists of Pandaria realm and enjoy!