A small talk about arenas: interview with Topotopo

3-06-2015, 01:44
Немного об арене: беседа с Topotopo

Hello, dear users and guests of the uwow.biz project. We all know that PvP in general, and arena in particular - are the integral parts of World of Warcraft gameplay. Looking forward to the season end PvP'ers are trying to get the desired rating. And when the season finally ends all the teams are being checked in order to verify that they weren't wintrading.

Senior GM Topotopo has agreed to answer our questions concerning arenas. She will comment on other topics as well.

[Lowenzahn]: We have known you as a x125 realm curator for a long time. Tell us how did you end up being on this project? What was your jobe like at first?
[Topotopo]: Hm, I came to this project in 2011. A good friend of mine decided to make me spend my free time playing this game) So I started playing and began to raid actively. It turned out that Grame was in my guild. But I found out that he was working as a curator later on when I was asked to message him on skype) And I did. He offered me to take a position of moderator for x150 realm. I had plenty of time to spare so I agreed to take it. That's how it all started)

[L]: You have become senior GM recently. Did you manage to get used to the new position already? Do you have any plans for the near future?
[Т]: Yes, I have quite a lot of work and I'm trying to get used to it) As for the plans - I want to stabilize and regulate arena seasons to make them last as long as we need without delays.

[L]: How often do you plan to reset arena seasons?
[Т]: I would like to have them divided by seasons. In other words, winter-spring-summer-autumn. We need to choose a special tabard for each of these seasons. I think it would be interesting.

[L]: Is there any development plans for unpopular 5v5 arena comps?
[Т]: It's difficult for me to comment on 5v5 arena situation, because the vast majority of teams that you find are wintraders.

[L]: About wintrading - how can you tell that someone is a wintrader? Is there any evidences, besides the fact that the same teams play against each other over and over again?
[Т]: Queuing early in the morning or late at night makes it quite suspicious. It's just the way how you can wintrade without fearing to face other teams that you don't need. The most difficult thing is to prove fights based on the agreement. It's really hard to find those because of the amount of fights one team has. It's good when you know who plays with whom and who doesn't. It's also helpful to know who is friends with whom and who isn't. If you are blind in that regard it may take a day to check out one team when it comes to log checking. You need to deal with a lot of numbers in order to find any coincidences regarding nicknames and teams. But there is nothing impossible in solving these kind of problems if you treat them seriously.

[L]: It seems like log checking is quite a long and painstaking job to do. Do you have to give up other activities in order to have more time to complete this work in particular?
[Т]: Yes, sometimes I stay up all night.

[L]: I see. Well, thank you for answering the questions and have a nice day at work.

I hope that this short interview has allowed you to find out something new, and also gave some answers to your questions that you were interested in.

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