Department of Intertainment. Interview with Grimm

8-06-2015, 19:13
Отдел Развлекательных Мероприятий. Беседа с Grimm’ом

Good day, dear players and visitors of the game project Today our guest is the head of the Department of Intertainment of our server. People belonging to this department, bring joy and some kind of holidays to our everyday life.
I think each of you have been to one of the game events, which are held at our server, at least once. These activities are very unusual, interesting and funny, and often bring benefits in the form of a prize. But let’s get back to our guest and ask him a few questions:
{VictimsNiNo}: Hello, Grimm, as far as I know, you are the head of the DoI?
{Grimm}: Hello. Yes, I am.

{V}: Tell us, please, what is DoI?
{G}: Department of Entertainment, literally. That is the place where entertainment events are produced, which you will not find at the official servers, in order to cheer up the players and give them opportunity to win some good prizes.

{V}: I saw at the forum that personnel recruitment is always conducted…And what kind of people do you need? What should they be able to do?
{G}: To be honest, of course, I would like to see creative people, i.e. people with any talents or experience in entertaining activities - those who know well how to cheer up people. But, in fact, people with imagination and a desire to invent something new will be enough.

{V}: Good. Hopefully, such people will read this article and run to write the application. And in what ways your guys can entertain players?
{G}: Well, first of all, through the realization of their fantasies. That is, each of them comes up with something interesting, some events, which allow you to win some valuable or nice prize by "competition». This can be done both at the forum and in the game, there is no particular difference.

{V}: And what is to be the head of the creative people and dreamers?
{G}: Well, difficult enough, because it is much harder to find candidates than for other server positions. Moreover, there are no so many volunteers. But the staff here is very creative and interesting.

{V}: Ahem…funny. And you yourself have ever been an "ordinary mortal event-master"? If so, tell me, how it was?
{G}: Oh, yes, I was hired in faraway past, when there were only 2 or 3 realms, and was assigned an event-master. I was the only event-master for the whole server! And in general, the entire server had for about 5 people of administration, apart from moderators. And different departments were out of the question. Well, and then the server began to grow slowly, from 500 online to what you may see now.

{V}: In which direction are you planning to work? Where, so to say, are you going to evolve?
{G}: Currently, we are working on the increasing of the staff, developing of more interesting events, as well as on raising the interest of players to make them participate not only because of the prize, but also just for fun.

{V}: Tell me, what features of our server gaming activities you can highlight? Let's just say, why the players will be more pleasant to take part in such events at our server rather than at any other?
{G}: Well, first of all, all the events are held under the strict control of the event-manager. That is, falsify or cheat will be very difficult. Also we have both weekly events, which take place every week, and single events which are unique and unrepeatable. Well, and of course, fantastic staff.

{V}: Totally agree with you. Tell me, do you have any ideas or plans for improving the events? Maybe some «revolutionary new level» of the events?
{G}: Well, actually we want to imagine some gradual server events that are large and big events that are applied to the entire server and have quite good prizes. That is, you will have to fight for. And indeed, there are a lot of ideas, and they only need to be implemented. And to disclose everything will be wrong, I believe. Let it remain a mystery.

{V}: Of course. Tell me, please, what should be players waiting for in the nearest future? Any change maybe or some global event?
{G}: I think all our players will see themselves in the future. Let it be a surprise.

{V}: Well, we will be waiting with impatience. Thank you for your answers and good luck to you and to all DoI in entertaining the players of our project.
{G}: Thank you too.

Hopefully, now you, dear players, will be aware of our DoI, what it is doing and what it is needed for. Participate in entertaining activities at the №1 world of warcraft game server in mmotop rating -

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