History of the Creation of World of Warcraft. Part 1

12-06-2015, 14:28
История создания игры World of Warcraft. Часть 1

Dear players and visitors of the uwow.biz project, today we are going to digress a bit from the usual format of the articles about our great №1 game server and have a look at how the first part of World of Warcraft was created. In following articles we will talk about other expansion sets of the game and about the official server in the end.

WoW official server... Perhaps, each of you has ever wanted to play there. Ghostly dreams about "100% performance" and a huge online that are imposed on us by other players... But that was before. Now, as the players say, official server isn’t really great. What did happen to it? Let's return to this topic later, but for now, just deal with the history of wow creation.

The game was created in 2004 after much-anticipated release of the third Warcraft, which, by the way, was being sold incredibly fast.
The World of Warcraft itself is a follower of Ultima Online and EverQuest, but, so to say, their improved descendant. Developers simply decided: "We will make the game better and more interesting" - and they did it.
World of Warcraft has won the hearts of millions since early patches. WoW creators set a goal to create not just a game, not just a bunch of "zeros and ones", and the whole masterpiece. The basis is formed not by "bits and bytes", but by ideas and feelings. Their goal was to create not just a fictional game world, but true separate reality. I think each of you agrees that they managed to do this.

But let’s return to the history. Developers had been working hard until the very last day before the release. Weeks and months passed insanely fast. It seemed to the developers that the game has not enough content and therefore they added more and more stuffs like: raids, skills, quests, achievements and NPCs. The raids Onyxia's Lair and Molten Core have been added to the game almost before the release. The last raid, by the way, was created in just a week. Initially, the developers thought that about 500 quests for the first part of World of Warcraft would be more than enough. But only having created a huge world, only slightly resembling them their ideas, they realized that it would be far too not enough and focused on creating of the new quests.

And then, after a while the game was ready for release. That is, it already acquired, so to say, "some shape" and it could be presented to players, since developers always believe that it would never be "fully ready", because you can always improve something and add something new. Blizzard staff was very worried that all their efforts would be in vain and only a few copies would be bought... but they were lucky with the release time... By the time of the game release, the genre of science fiction started to develop or, to be precise, the genre penetrated deeply into the cinematic direction. While WoW was preparing to be released, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and some other movies were filmed. If you’ve seen these movies or at least imagine what they are about, you have to guess that they have something in common with the world of WoW. Therefore, having watched these movies, people wanted to get into the world of fantasy ... And World of Warcraft offered such opportunity. Perhaps, this coincidence also affected the huge success of the game.

It turned out that Blizzard was very wrong in the calculations, and nearly suffered heavy losses because of it. The thing is that they did not expect such a large mass of players in the first months after the release, so they did not have proper hardware which would be able to keep huge number of characters. Initially, the server could keep up to one million players. Blizzard thought that it would be enough for at least a year ... But it took 3-4 months and servers became overcrowded and the developers did not expect that. If they didn’t take actions in advance the project would fail. From time to time it was even necessary to limit the release of game copies to deliver, develop and launch new servers which were ready to accept newcomers.

As the saying goes, "for every action there is a reaction". These words suit World of Warcraft most of all. As I said above, Blizzard wanted to create a real living world which is based on real feelings... and they did it. Almost all the WoW players found one or another reflection of the reality in the game world, and also reacted to the World of Warcraft world as to something real and alive. For example, a quest chain at Silvana in the Undercity helped one girl to have faith in herself and get better. The fact is that this girl had an accident and miraculously survived. She was treated for a long time, but playing World of Warcraft, she found a certain similarity between her case and the fate of Silvana Windrunner. It added her a boost of confidence and helped to recover.

Let us return to the history of creation. During the first extension set, which is called Vanilla by players, a lot of useful things were added. These are world bosses, PvP aspect: World PvP, battlegrounds. Arena appeared a bit later, to be exact, in The Burning Crusade. A huge number of raid and group dungeons for all the levels were added. Zul'Gurub was added which allowed players to prepare for the more challenging raids and develop their guild.

I think almost everyone would agree with me that the greatest gaming event in the vanilla was Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. And let’s talk about it:

This event occurred to developers spontaneously and unexpectedly. One said, "It would be nice to do something like that", and the second has already begun to do. The creator of this story decided that the event should occur only once, and without repetition, otherwise it won’t be so cool. It was truly great, but the developers, alas, didn’t take into account the technical shortcomings of the event. Millions of players are in one place - a very bad impact on the server, because it makes the equipment work at its full capacity. And so it was that servers started to shut down in the most crucial moment because of the huge loads. Only after some time the situation was stabilized and the event was finished successfully. Absolutely everyone who happened to be on that event delighted to remember it and regret that there was no more something similar.

This was followed by the appearance of 40 people Naxxramas, the difficulty of which was indescribable. Statistics says that the raid was passed completely only by a few guilds and for the rest this raid was physically impassable. Nevertheless, the players regret that in Wrath of The Lich King it was simplified because original dungeon was much more interesting and hardcore which means that players had something to strive for.

"Vanilla" ended with the appearance of the cross-realm BG which made PvP aspect more popular and widespread.

In future articles, we will talk about the history of the next expansion sets and find an answer to the question: Why is the popularity of the official WoW server falling?

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