Thok the Bloodthirsty Strategy Guide

23-06-2015, 21:51
Тактика на Тока Кровожадного

Literary a week ago, Thok the Bloodthirsty was added to the Siege of Orgrimmar at the Mists of Pandaria realms of the best World of Warcraft server! As you may guess, this server is We will have a talk about how to kill this boss correctly.

The fight with Thok the Bloodthirsty itself is a quite cyclical, and precisely, you will have to repeat the same actions thrice but with slight differences which depend on the abilities acquired by boss. But about it later. To kill the boss you will need 2 tanks and 5 healers in 25 players mode and 2 tanks and 3 healers in 10 players mode. In other words, the same composition as you needed at the previous boss. Because of the strong frontal and tail damage, the raid must stay on the side of the boss, preferably under the right foot.

Thok the Bloodthirsty is, perhaps, one of the most unusual bosses of the WoW universe. At the first phase at some moment the raid must be almost killed, at the second phase the raid must…run away from the boss…and later feed him…but if you won’t do it you will fail. Now, let’s proceed to the phases themselves.

The First Phase

As I said above, the raid is under the right foot and one of the tanks is in front of the boss. If one wants to stay under the back or rather under the tail they will be hit by the tail ( ). The tanks must interchange each other upon collecting of, which increase receiving damage by 25% per stack.
The first phase itself is a work for the healers and the tanks, since the first should heal the whole raid from huge damage from, and the second stand heroically before increasing damage and collecting stacks. Alas, the healers and rdd will eventually be more and more difficult to cast spells since Thok the Bloodthirsty will more often use an ability . which breaks casting. The boss will cast this ability when his energy lvl will be equal 100%. Upon every usage of this ability Thok will gain energy faster, since will be stacked on him.
Transition to the second phase will happen when 15 players (or 5 in 10 players mode) have, which appears when their health is lowered to 50%. This transition must be delayed as much as it possible, since at the beginning the boss is more weak and easy to hit and survive. I advise you to distribute the raid defense abilities and powerful healing abilities in advance.

The Second Phase

Having entered the second phase, Thok ceases to comply with the tank taunts and starts casting on a random player. If you see this debuff at your character and the red beam, coming from devilsaur, you should run away from the raid as far as possible, since the boss will start to follow you, trampling all in its path. The optimal variant is to drag the boss to the corridor where you come from.
At the same time, appears and the whole raid must immediately kill him. From time to time, he will be casting, which gives him slight strengthening and must be dispelled. Having killed this creature the player, assigned in advance, must loot Jailer and receive the «key» buff. Due to this buff, the player may open one of the three cages situated along the perimeter of the arena. The future destiny of the raid depends on the released creature but, in general, there are no radical differences. Once the cage is opened, Thok eats its inhabitant and returns to the first stage with slightly modified ability
1) appears if you open the left cage if you are looking from the corridor. The distinctive feature of this ability is that will be casted on raid and which can be dispelled.
2) appears if you open the right cage. Upon five stacks,, may appear on the players, which block the player in an ice brick which must be broken.
3) appears upon opening the central cage. Because of this ability, the fire puddles may appear on the ground, inflicting rage huge damage:
You may open the cages in any order but it would be better to open them in the order which I wrote above.

That’s it. If you follow the strategy and remember about your dislocation, you won’t meet any difficulties with this boss.
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