Picking of Addons for Comfortable Playing WoW

25-06-2015, 23:02
Выбираем аддоны для комфортной игры в WoW

Starting to play World of Warcraft at the uwow.biz project, every player thinks about a comfortable gameplay. At every realm of the WoW servers there are their own features, but one thing unites them - the players desire to learn the fabulous world around them as conveniently as possible.

And what allows you to make the game convenient and pleasant? Perhaps, someone will say that you need a guild, or that you have to play with friends only. All of these are true, but in this article we will tell you about some useful addons for WoW. And in order to avoid confusion, the narration will be broken into parts, depending on the purpose for which an addon is used.


One of the major components of the World of Warcraft is passing of the dungeons and raids. A lot of addons were created to make this process easier. We will name the most important.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) allows you to track the bosses’ phases and displays timers of the bosses’ abilities.
To find out outcoming and incoming damage, received healing and many others, there are such addons as Skada Damage Meter and Recount.
With the help of AtlasLoot Enhanced every player can check which items drop from a particular boss and choose those that are necessary to them.
Fatality shows in a raid chat who died and because of what in the form of announcements.
EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster are useful if you go to the raids with your guild only. The addon shows the number of EP and GP of every guild member as well as their priority to items they needed.


No less important part of WoW is PvP in general and arena in particular.

So, the most important addon for the fans of the arena is Gladius. It allows you to track cooldowns (recovery time) of trinkets and a variety of opponents abilities.
OmniCC adds recovery timers on trinkets icons, and other abilities.
Afflicted helps to track various cooldowns.
Healers have to die is useful at the battlegrounds because it helps to track enemy healers.

Buffs, debuffs

In PvE and PvP aspects of World of Warcraft players have to deal with the problem of tracking buffs (positive effects) and debuffs (negative effects).

Decursive simplifies dispels (removing of the negative effects from allies) both in a raid and on the battlegrounds and arenas.
ClassTimer allows you to monitor the duration of buffs, debuffs, and the recovery of some abilities.
With the help of ExtraCD you can know about the internal cooldowns and procs of trinkets, abilities and talents.
PallyPower - indispensable for the Paladins who play at the Wrath of the Lich King realms since it helps to track paladin’s buffs in the raids, their duration and shows on whom they are absent.


Nice looking characters icons separately and group and raid icons in general are able to create a unique game window appearance, make the game more attractive and at the same time more convenient.

The most popular addon for changing of the frame type is X-Perl. Great functionality allows you to customize all the icons of the character, group, and raid on your own taste, enable or disable the display of buffs and debuffs on the target, and other.
Grid will help you to create an alternative raid frame.
Heal Bot is a very popular addon which is created for healers. It allows you to configure the usage of healing and dispelling spells by clicking.

Action Bars

Changing of the action bars appearance and functionality makes the process of the abilities applying even more convenient and personal.

Among such addons Bartender4 is a very popular one.
Action Bar Saver allows you to save the layout of spells on the action bar. It is very useful for players who often change specs and every time arrange spells again.
Titan Panel adds extra information bar at the top of the screen, where you can see the number of gold objects durability, character coordinates and other.
Quartz replaces casting bar with more attractive and informative one.
DrDamage shows cumulative damage or healing by taking into account the gear, buffs and talents.

Bags, Inventory

Sometimes it is difficult to find an item and it is necessary to open every bag separately to find desired.

To find an item and just to make the open bags appearance more convenient Bagnon or OneBag3 will help. Addons are slightly different in their functionality, but they both show the contents of bags in one window and have the search line.
Xloot changes the standard loot window and adds a lot of opportunities for its customization.

Quests and Professions

Who haven’t asked the question while developing of profession or quest completing about how to make this process easier? Constantly go to wowhead and check the information is not very convenient.

QuestHelper will not only show the quest location, but also indicate the exact distance.
HandyNotes contains useful information about the NPC.
EveryQuest / Quest Completist will show the number of quests in the location and also a list of completed, uncompleted and canceled quests in a separate window. It has great functionality because of a lot of options.
Gatherer will be useful while developing of the gathering professions. It remembers the place of ore, herbs and chests.
In Ackis Recipe List you can configure various recipes filters, including filter by location, the method of acquisition and the required skill level.

Map, Minimap

How to travel across the game world with the convenience? Addons for the maps will help you with this task.

Mapster allows you to adjust the size of the map and displays the player’s and cursor’s coordinates on the map.
SexyMap is created for styling the minimap, making it very beautiful.
TomTom will be indispensable helper in the WoW world navigation, showing a direction with an arrow and the distance to the point needed.
NPCScan will help in finding rare NPCs. You no longer need to look closely to the surrounding mobs. Once the correct NPC gets in the range of visibility, the addon will announce it. An addition to this addon is called NPCScan.Overlay which will display on the map the habitats of rare NPCs.


Communication - an essential element of any and all online games. To make communication in the world of WoW more convenient there are special addons.

Two of the most popular addons for communicating in in-game chat of World of Warcraft are Prat and Chatter. With their help, you can customize chat on your own taste. Also, these addons add a feature to copy chat messages. Now, to save a funny phrase or repeat something, it is not necessary to re-write the text entirely. Just press a few buttons and copy the desired passage.

Of course, this is not a complete list of addons. We told you only of those which are the most popular. In fact, there are a great variety of them and any player with a proper desire is able to customize an interface to their own taste, making it almost completely unique.
All the addons, which were mentioned above and many others can be found on the uwow.biz project forum in
addons section.

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