Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Guide. Part 1

2-07-2015, 21:37
Гайд по достижению «Слава герою Cataclysm». Часть 1 – is a very interesting achievement during completing of which you may not only study the Cataclysm dungeons but also get a great dragon – And today we will tell you how to fulfill all the criteria of this achievement at the world of warcraft realms at our project.

It’s worth noting that all the criteria should be fulfilled in the heroic mode. For more convenience, the criteria are arranged by the dungeons.

Blackrock Caverns

You have to complete four achievements in this dungeon. To complete it is necessary that during a single fight killed 10 with, which is casted at 66% and 33% of the boss’ hp. is easy to complete. You need to pull, wait until three transform. After that kill them and kill the boss. is not a very difficult achievement too. You need to drag into the flame, wait until he gains 15 stacks of, and then burst and kill him. requires attention. None of the group member should collect more than 3 stacks of, which inflicts players who are at the melee distance with

Grim Batol

There are only two criteria for here.

The first one – To get this achievement you need to kill, while he is under the influence of He acquires this aura after the death of For this reason, you should kill trogg when the boss has 100-150k hp.

The second achievement here – To complete this achievement, you need to kill all the very fast and save all the during the fight with

Halls of Origination

In this dungeon you have to complete four achievements. To complete you need at least a three members group. As soon as enters the second phase two players have to go down and pull the levers simultaneously and the task of those who stayed upstairs is to interrupt casting of

The next achievement is An easy achievement, where you have to mount, and defeat . – an chievement which requires speed. An achievement timer is launched at the moment of the entrance to Vault of Lights. The main requirements here are discipline and good organization.

The last one is You need to kill as fast as possible since when he runs out of energy he starts reload.

Shadowfang Keep

There are three achievements here. The first one is You need to use all the bursts and not to allow finish the casting of

You have to use all the bursts to complete well. Adds will be appearing during the fight but they can be controlled., is perhaps one of the most interesting achievements in To complete it is necessary that killed 12 during the casting of Ghouls appear during the casting of Six of them appears per single cast. You need to be very attentive, since these mobs have not many hp and any aoe (area of effect) will kill them.

The Stonecore

There is only one achievement here – At the platform before there are packs of To complete the achievement you have to pull the boss and then pull all the followers and kill them with AOE-abilities.

That’s it for the first part. We will tell you in the second part of the guide how to fulfill the other criteria of

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