Siege of Orgrimmar History. Part 3

5-07-2015, 20:30
История Осады Оргриммара. Часть 3

Good day, dear players and visitors of project. While we are looking forward to the implementation of the next bosses in the Siege of Orgrimmar at all World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria realms, let's delve into the history of the raid dungeon.

Today we will focus on the bosses of the two quarters at once - "The Underhold" and "Downfall".

Having won the merciless battle with General Nazgrim, the Horde forces and the Alliance forces opened the path to the underground fortress of Garrosh Hellscream. Having passed mazy tunnel, the liberators army faced with a large detached force of troops blocking the passage to the fortress depths. Once the battle is over, the military generals immediately decided to explore the place in which they were on the way to Garrosh. In one of the halls they faced Malkorok. He was always one of the most ardent Hellscream’s lieutenants throughout the Pandaria campaign. And when the Heart of Y'Shaarj was found and a volunteer was wanted who was ready to experience the full power of the ancient god, Malkorok volunteered without hesitation. The dark force captured a brave orc, his thoughts were filled with hatred and contempt. His only desire was to kill anyone who dares to challenge Garrosh, devotion to whom continued to guide the actions of the corrupted Lieutenant.

The combined forces of the Horde and the Alliance in a united attack fought Malkorok back and having regained their strengths after the exhausting fight, moved deeper. At the heart of the fortress heroes found boxes of stolen Spoils of Pandaria. In those days, when Pandaria only appeared before the Garrosh’s eyes, he saw a source of unprecedented power in it. During the military campaign Hellscream took away all the weapons, powerful artifacts and ancient treasures of the peoples of Pandaria. Mogu, Pandarens and Mantis seemed forever lost their heritage, transmitted from generation to generation for thousands of years. However, underground storage harbored a danger. The hall was equipped with unprecedented security system, which may have been created by the Titans. Having overcome a variety of monsters, the liberators of both factions returned lost relics to the peaceful peoples.

In the further fight against Garrosh’s minions, heroes fought with Thok the Bloodthirsty. When near the coasts of Pandaria an Isle of Giants was discovered, which was inhabited with the ancient Devilsaurs, the Horde leader gave an order to seize the most powerful and enduring animals, intending to subjugate them and then use for military purposes. Thok the Bloodthirsty turned to be the most ferocious of ancient devilsaurs. Its jaws killed countless animals tamers of the orcs tribes. None of them was able to curb the beast, and lock him in a cage. Terrible bloodthirsty monster destroyed anyone who gets in its lair. Only the bravest warriors, having formed a group of volunteers were able to challenge the monster and defeat it.

Important victory which was won in the battle with the bloodthirsty monster was just a warming up before a greater threat. Helix Blackfuse is working hard on the creation of the horrific destructive mechanisms in the underground smithy. Siegecrafter is the only goblin with such unique engineering skills. He combines the professionalism of a great master and desire to satisfy the Garrosh Hellscream’s requests at any price. Selfish Blackfuse loves his every offspring, but even more he loves gold, which is brought by his inventions. Drawn by the thirst for enrichment, Blackfuse day after day creates more and more destructive mechanisms. The Horde and the Alliance troops entered the Blackfuse’s shelter to destroy the inventions of the blinded by the gold goblin and weaken the resistance of Garrosh and his supporters.

Inspired by the success, the heroes continued their winning campaign in the Siege of Orgrimmar, defying Paragons of the Klaxxi. Nine living today Paragons of the Klaxxi are the heroes of the ancient mantis empire. Once they fought with Evoker and toppled insane empress Shek'zeer. Paragons of the Klaxxi, loyal to the mantis traditions, were loyal to their master for a long time. When Garrosh discovered the hidden place and got the Heart of Y'Shaarj, they followed to the caves beneath Orgrimmar on the order of their master. There, in caves their consciousness was changed under the influence of the ancient god’s power. They bowed before his power, were exposed to deadly force and became the defenders of the most important room of the underground fortress. The warriors of the Horde and the Alliance armies won the victory in the fierce battle with the Klaxxi empire heroes.

On the way to the liberation of Azeroth from the looming threat, the heroes have to make the last decisive step - to fight with Garrosh Hellscream, blinded with the power of Y'Shaarj.

To be continued…

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