Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Guide. Part 2

14-07-2015, 21:09
Гайд по достижению «Слава герою Cataclysm». Часть 2

Hello, dear users and guest of the project. We continue introducing you with the criteria for completion of the achievement And today we’ll have a talk about the achievements in the last four dungeons.

We remind that all the criteria should be fulfilled in the heroic mode and in order to make guide more convenient we separate them into dungeons.

The Deadmines

There are six required achievements in this dungeon. The first one – It’s a quite easy individual achievement. You just need a little of carefulness to avoid Fire Wall during the battle with

Then follows It’s not a difficult but quite interesting achievement. The achievement is accumulative, however, if you want to complete it in a single run you needn’t to kill, fast, since the rats spawn towards the back of the room during Helix encounter. 5 rats appear per phase.

To complete, you shouldn’t allow that HP drop below 90%. The simplest way is not to take, and go immediately to the boss and kill manually. – is quite an interesting achievement. To get it, you need to allow three to use an ability during the second phase of the battle with

Then, complete To get this achievement you need that during the battle with there was no more than one stack of on the character. The achievement is individual and that’s why if some group member has two or more debuff stacks it won’t influence on other the members’ achievement.

And, finally, This achievement should be complete fast and that’s why you need discipline of the whole group and good DPS (damage per second).

Lost City of the Tol'vir

There are three criteria for here. The first one is – To complete it, you need to kill 20 in less than 10 seconds. They appear during the battle with

The second achievement – During the second phase of fight , adds, called a, will spawn off the players. These adds must be dragged through the flames appeared during the first phase to give them a debuff and then killed. This must be done three times and then you may kill the boss and the achievement will be completed.

The last one is Throughout the fight with, will be appearing. They shouldn’t be killed immediately. You need to wait until three of them appear and then killing them beat the boss. In addition, it’s very important to watch that, remained on the character, otherwise you have to kill the boss once again.

The Vortex Pinnacle

We need only two achievements here. The first one - To get this achievement you have to collect 5 spheres with a single dungeon run. To pick up spheres you need to click them with the right mouse button. – individual achievement. To complete it you need in the fight with not to get under the influence of To achieve it, you need to jump at the end of the ability cast.

Throne of the Tides

You need to complete only two achievements in this dungeon as well. requires especial attention during completing. At the phase, when the shield appears on you need to kill two casting mobs. The third one should be remained alive but with 7-10k hp and after that dragged at the geyser which appears under a random player when boss casts

To complete have to be attentive. During the battle with different adds appear. only once during the first phase. It shouldn’t be killed immediately. You need to wait till the third phase to get the buff, and only after that kill to complete achievement.

And, finally, having done with all nine dungeons, mentioned in two parts of the guide, we get (the last achievement) and as well.

We hope, our guide helped you to complete achievements which you didn’t manage to complete yourself.

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