Netherwing: "Skyshattered" achievement guide

19-07-2015, 13:28
Крылья Пустоты: выполняем достижение «Небокрушитель»

Hello, dear players and guests of the project. Today we will tell you how to improve your reputation with fraction.

Netherwing - dragon fraction which appeared in WoW The Burning Crusade expansion. It could be not so interesting for players if not two achievements and rewards - Netherwing drakes of different colours. In this guide we will explain how to get exalted and how to complete achievement.

Start improving your reputation from To complete it you have to feed 8 Mature Netherwing Drakes. We will need 8 which drop from or can be created from 5 which drop from

Then gives quest, in which you are to find Then you have to listen to

Once told his story, he asks to kill 15 orcs from Dragonmaw clan to complete Do the, in which Neltharaku asks you to bring 12

The following quest you are to do is asks you to free 5 enslaved Netherwing Drakes by using

In the Neltharaku asks you to go to the Dragonmaw Fortress and find his spouse. is captivated and in order to free her you should stick to the plan of the quest. To do so kill and take the key from Karynaku's shackles. In order to thank you sends you to to hand in

Mordenai wants you to take the Once the oath is received you need to take quest and go to Netherwing Ledge in order to deliver to Overlord Mor'ghor.

Note that after completing all those quests listed above you will be automatically buffed with which makes you to look orc-like. asks you to talk to to complete After completing it, you will be able to do other quests in Netherwind Ledge (including daily ones) which enables you to get exalted and obtain drakes. By doing so you will expand your mount collection.

But buying mounts is not the end of your adventures on Netherwing Ledge. You have to get the achievement.

As soon as you get "Honored" with Netherwing, you will be able to take, by completing which you will get the access to a couple of quests. We are interested in, after completing which you can race for achievement.

To get «Skyshattered» you will have to complete 6 quests in total. The point of racing with every NPC - you need to follow the entire flight route of the NPC and avoid being bombed, because bombs will dismount you and you will have to start the race again.
To do we are to compete with The next one is You need to defeat him in order to complete After winning it, challenge and complete Another opponent –, which you have to defeat to complete The second-to-last opponent is going to be, after defeating which you will be able to hand in Finally, after defeating all the opponents, we are to fight with After handing in, you will get your long-awaited achievement.

We hope that our guide has helped you in getting quests done and ,most importantly, in getting the rewards for your efforts.

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