Characters Transfer: Comparison with Other Servers

24-07-2015, 22:39
Перенос персонажей: Сравнение с другими серверами

Perhaps, each of you, dear players, faced with the problem of the server change. The reasons for this action can be very different: a friend is playing at one server, and you are playing at the other; you don’t like administration; or there are no fixes. But the main problem with changing the WoW server is that you don’t want to lose your developed character and want to take it with you. Coming to game project, you have an opportunity to take your favorite character with you in two ways: free transfer and transfer on a paid basis. I will tell you separately in another article about their peculiarities and differences, but for now we’ll try to understand why it is profitable to transfer your character to us, but not quite on the contrary, and also we’ll find out why our transfer system is different and stands out from the rest.
Let’s take the following well-known servers for comparison: wowcircle, pandawow, isengard, aldoran, wow-cool, wodempire


So, having analyzed the forum of the server, as well as having checked the personal account, I could not find how I can transfer my character to this server. They sometimes open transferring but only within their project between the realms, and accounts. For this reason, we immediately reject this server.


As far as I know, the character transfer system does not work on that server on a constant basis. It appears for short periods due to the opening of new realms (eg, at the opening of x5 and x10 realms there was such special offer), in addition, the system didn’t work properly - the application had to be left on the forum through private messaging system, finding a specific topic, and each application was processed manually. At our server this system works autonomously and on a constant basis in your personal account menu that is more convenient, high-quality and well-organized.


World of Warcraft game project where there is a complete system of character transfer from other servers. A distinctive feature of the system is that there is no free transfer, and applications are considered only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not every day. There are only two types of character transfer on this game project: standard and complete.
The first one is actually analogue of our "free transfer". Your character will also be deleted on the previous server and created with required equipment on the new. But, I remind you, you will have to pay for that.
The second type is a complete transfer. Depending on the game world, where you transfer your character, you have to choose between two "saves" of acquired: either your property and currency or profession without a recipes. However, upon selecting the first "save" your items will undergo some changes: Equipment for arena points will be replaced by a similar for honor, and T13 set, will be replaced by LFR set, etc. This type has something to do with our "Paid Character Transfer", which really recreates a full copy of your character. It’s worth noting separately, that to use this type of transfer to Isengard, you have to face with some difficulties with their addon, which must be activated on the transferable character and then the file created by this addon should be send together with an application on the much better the situation at our server: you enter the necessary data, click the button several times, wait for several days and that’s it!


This game project also has workable character transfer system. Actually, it is similar to the second type of Isengard's system, but it’s free. In other words, you will also have to use addon and most of items will also be replaced, but in this case, by the special tokens. In general, you will be given 8 types of tokens (4 for 264-271lvl items and another 4 for 272-284lvl items), and the original equipment will be removed. I think that this system is more advanced than that of Isengard, because here your items will just be "degraded". But what I do not like about this system is the attitude to reagents. All the items in the bags which are in stacks will be transferred as a single unit. That is, if you have a stack (x20) of stones in a bag slot, then only 1 will be transferred. One slot in the bag = 1 thing in the transference. But as for the "Paid Character Transfer" to our server, all of the reagents will be transferred up to 500 pcs, except for Primordial Saronite, which may be transferred up to 200 pcs. And the things themselves, as I wrote above, will be fully maintained without any changes.


I could not found the transfer system on this server. I found only one article dated 2013 about transfer of the characters, but there were no links to the system itself. Having checked the forum once again, I found an interesting answer of one of the administration members: "Dear players! We already had transfer but there are more minuses than pluses because of it". It means that it’s impossible to move your hero here.


At this game project which is engaged only in Warlords of Draenor, I also could not find the transfer function, and answers of the game project administration persuaded me to believe that this system will appear here not very soon.
What can we say in the end? Among six servers which are considered "top", we could find transfer system which is similar to ours one only on two of them, however, they are inferior to ours on several points. It means that to transfer the character to our server - is not only a rare opportunity among WoW servers, but also a very profitable service.
We would like to tell about our new feature, and precisely about full free transfer of the entire guild, at a rate of at least 30 people. This method of transferring is the most convenient, since transferring of every character separately, will cost you money (if you want to save the entire contents of the character). But having transferred the guild you will not have to pay, but only continue playing with you friends in the realities of our game server.

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