History of the Creation of World of Warcraft. Part 3

29-07-2015, 16:08
История создания игры World of Warcraft. Часть 3

Hello, dear users of the uwow.biz game project, and also everyone who loves and plays WoW. Today we will proceed to the consideration of, perhaps, the most popular expansion set for Word of Warcraft. And this, as you probably guessed, is the Wrath of the Lich King.

We proceed directly to the most controversial news, namely the simplifying of Naxxramas. Even though only few characters managed to pass it at the time of "Fall of the King" release, the players still were indignant. There were several reasons: Firstly, upon changing of this raid instance, the legendary staff of Medivh has been removed, secondly, T3 raid set disappeared, well and thirdly, the raid became very easy and interest to pass it has been lost. Now we move on to innovations.

In this expansion set a full achievement system and a barbershop were introduced, the max level of a character became 80, a lot of simplification were added, for example, experience needed to obtain a new level was cut by 20%, all BC bosses were weakened, all mounts and pets ceased to occupy a significant place of the backpack and moved to a special tab, also, the shadows of everything that exist in the world of WoW were added, hereditary items appeared, the so-called "family" items.

Traditionally, let’s touch upon the "starting event" of this expansion set. This time it was only a zombie invasion, which brought infection. Because of it players could be infected and become zombies, which made it possible to infect other players. During this event the capital was entirely empty ... or rather dead. It’s not hard to notice that it is much more boring than the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. As the saying goes, the players had to entertain themselves.

Having realized the past mistake with the Dark Portal, the developers decided to create 4 entrances to Northrend, so there was no such lag, as those which were when players tried to get to Outland. Speaking of developers: their idea was to create skis especially for Northrend, because it is, as we know, almost entirely covered with snow, but, alas, they were not able to implement and add this feature.

A bit later, Ulduar was added as well as possibility to buy "dual tallent specialization". Speaking of Ulduar: raid struck absolutely all the players, because its design was unique, the difficult in the "heroic" mode could only be compared with the old Naxxramas, which certainly pleased the players of that time, the story was also quite epic. Many even began to think that Ulduar is a final raid instance of this expansion set, but we all know that it is not so.

After Ulduar another patch was released that added the Argent Coliseum, where there were two dungeons: group and raid. In addition, the lives of all the players were simplified once again, because the cost of mounts was decreased, and flying mounts began to move much faster. It should be noted separately that in the same patch two innovations concerning the PVE content were added, namely, dungeons copies were extended for a week, enabling players to have time to go through all of the bosses in Ulduar, but not only some selected, and also, the items that drop from the bosses, from then was possible to pass between the raid participants within 2 hours, making it possible to avoid conflicts with incorrect roll.

And finally we got to the patch 3.3, which had a lot of new features, such as cross-server raids collection system, which allowed to find people without problems, and not to flood for an hour and a half in the LFG in the hope of finding players, instances or raids. But let us now turn to the very "sweet", namely, to Icecrown Citadel. As it turned out, this was a planned raid instance from the release of WotLK, that’s why it turned to be so wonderful, great and exciting. The raid itself was implemented by the familiar "gating" system, which I mentioned in the previous article. Also, one interesting fact is associated with this dungeon, namely, a bug with the restoration of the platforms in the battle with the Lich King by using Saronite bombs. It is not clear for what reason Blizzard missed this point in the development of the battle with Arthas, but the fact remains. As a result, a guild which used this bug was banned for 3 days and deprived of all the items and achievements.

Alas, even this raid was eventually simplified by as much, that it became easily passable. The thing is in the buff which is given to the players upon the entrance to the dungeon, which increases damage and health. It is because of this buff the raid became much easier. There were also a lot of argues and discontents from the "veterans", who could not forgive Blizzard for simplifying of Naxxramas and other simplifications.

This was followed by the Ruby Sanctum, but it is not worth a separate description, as it represents nothing special.
To sum up a little. This expansion set has surpassed all expectations, but at the same time greatly disappointed. New content was very interesting and exciting, the story tugged at heartstrings and kept you until you know it completely, innovations made life easier for beginners and forced them to go on "a certain way" of instances and raids without which it was impossible to get into Ulduar and ICC, but at the same time the game was well simplified, the old raids were reduced, the new one were not so difficult to wipe in them for months, in contrast to previous expansion sets, where players had to cram tactics and to try to defeat on and the same boss for many times. As veterans say, "the game became more casual," in other words, it no longer catches the players as caught earlier... Nevertheless, this expansion set is considered the best, as the pros and cons are in perfect balance, simplifications nevertheless proved to be necessary, and innovations are still interesting. And as a result, for this addition was the peak of the popularity of World of Warcraft.

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