Interview with Marishka about the Transfer System

30-07-2015, 22:59
Беседа о системе переносов персонажей вместе с Marishka

Hello, dear players and visitors of the project. Perhaps, all of you know already about the transfer system which presents at our server and allows you to transfer your character from almost any server to ours. But I - for sure, like you, dear friends - am interested in some issues that are not directly related to transfer issues. For this reason, I decided to talk to a person, who is one of those who are responsible for this system, namely, with the Senior GM, Marishka, who helped me to satisfy my interest.

{VictimsNiNo}: Hello, Marina. As far as I know, you are one of those few people who are engaged in "resettlement magic" of players from other servers to ours. Tell me, how did you get to this position from the post of ordinary curator?
{Marishka}: Hi. When the characters transfer was under development - it was discussed between senior administrators: the nuances, the starting equipment, the level, rules, etc. At that moment, when transfer was about to be opened, Blackmanos offered it to me. Initially, three people were engaged: Letta, Arthur and Me.

{V}: Can you say a few words about the "early versions» of the transfer system? In order to allow the players to understand how much you have progressed since that time.
{M}: Yes, of course. Initially we opened only a free transfer function. Personal account functionality at that time was also somewhat limited. The main "achievements" in the transfer are the function of full (paid) transfer from other servers, adding the characters transfer from the closed realms, as well as the transfer of characters from the private servers. Since recently, we are experimenting with the guilds transfer. So, as you can see, we are developing and expanding.

{V}: Well, yes. It’s obvious, innovations are large. But let's talk about what we have now. As far as I know, at the moment there are two types of transfer, a free and full-chargeable? Can you tell us what they are like? Not so, as it is written in F.A.Q, and more simply, for the players to be able to determine for themselves advantages of this or that method and which one it’s better to use?
{M}: Using free transfer, the player does not receive anything from the old character. The only thing we check - its presence and level. Accordingly, at our server a completely new character is created with a standard set of equipment (depending on the chosen specialization) and a standard amount of gold. If a person wants to save their game progress which was achieved on the old server – a complete transfer will be suitable for him. Here the player receives, in fact, a complete copy of their character (apart from the exceptions list, which you can learn in F.A.Q.).

{V}: I hope that now each player will choose what he or she prefers. Well, what can you tell about a completely new function of entire guild transfer?
{M}: Armadon and Me had this idea for very long. We decided to give players the opportunity to "move" the entire guild to our server. It means that if there is a company of 30 players on another server, and they have an overwhelming desire to play at, their guild leader after the census of his or her guild population can leave me a request on our forum. After verification of guild, realm and the server I either accept the application or not. If I accept it, I give a promo code to the head of the guild, by which all the players of the guild can move their characters in all conditions of pay transfer, but free of charge. Now the guild transfer is in the test mode. If in the future it has the same popularity as it has now, we will try to extend the functionality of a personal account so as to make the process more comfortable for the players and for us as well.

{V}: It’s interesting enough ... And don’t you keep any statistics? I think the players would be interested to know how many people have come to us through all kinds of transfer.
{M}: Of course, we keep statistics. To date, we have confirmed 35 thousands of applications for a free transfer and 3550 applications for a paid transfer, not including special offers and guilds transfer.

{V}: An impressive figure. And what's going on the transfer process? What you have to do to move someone's character? Describe both ways in a few words. I think they have different processes.
{M}: As I wrote above, in the free transfer, we just go to the player's account and check whether the portable character fit our transfer conditions. This applies mainly to the realm, the maximum character level and the possibility of its removal. If there are no obstacles to the transfer - the character is deleted, and the application is confirmed. In a paid transfer everything is a bit more complicated: first of all we need to check the character and save the information about it. After that, our test server creates a copy of the character and the player can personally verify the quality of the transfer. If everything suits player - he pays for the transfer. As a result, we have to remove all the items on the character and the equipment, remove the character and confirm the request.

{V}: I saw on the forum that you sometimes open special offers on a free full transfer from a particular server. Tell me, what server will be the next?
{M}: I can’t say for sure. Again, a free transfer action was a test, but we were quite satisfied by the results. Good results in a week: created applications - 1605, confirmed applications – 1357, canceled by users - 104, rejected by the moderators - 144
There are no grandiose plans for the further special offers yet. Although, there are some ideas. I recommend the players of other servers to gather friends and move to our server together, and follow the news on the site and forum, of course.

{V}: What changes or innovations the players should be waited for in the nearest future? Both in terms of transfer, and the entire system of personal accounts?
{M}: Grandiose ideas, of course. The nearest plan for transfer is a full guilds transfer. Also, we’ll try to implement the transfer of guild-bank. As for a personal account - verification of accounts, change of e-mail, item shop, armory, etc.

{V}: Thank you very much for your answers and good luck in the further implementation of innovations

I hope that this discussion has helped you to learn a little more about our transfer system, satisfied the interest and gave the answers to your questions.

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