World of Warcraft Legion. First impression

8-08-2015, 23:33
World of Warcraft Legion. Первое впечатление

Hello, dear players and fans of World of Warcraft. Im sure, many of you have already heard about the announcement of the new addon called "Legion". Let's not waste time starting this article and immediately proceed to analysing and thinking about what Blizzard is going to offer us in the new expansion.

Let's start off with the most "delicious" thing, namely with the new class - "Demon Hunter". Blizzard is going to make only two talent trees for this class. One is damage dealer, the other is tank. And in that moment, as a person who have been playing druid for my entire life, I felt a little hurt. The fact that this class has only two talent trees means that you won't have "unselected" talent trees because of the "dual talent specialization" function. Meanwhile, druids have four different talent trees with two of them being inactive anyway, which slightly infringes their rights. After reading about the features and potential abilities of this class I came to a conclusion that it feels like monk and warlock combined. Perhaps, I'm thinking too much about it, but let's assume that Blizzard have planned all this stuff.

As we know, you can only play Demon Hunter as a Night elf or as a Blood elf. It seems to me that it's a small historical mistake. It's connected with the fact that Demon Hunters already existed during TBC times and they were Night elves only. The representatives of this race could become Demon Hunters after a special ritual. The first DH we knew was Illidan. A lot of Night elves followed his path and became his allies. But if you think about it... That's another mistake from Blizzard... Imagine yourself playing as DH and you want to get the "warglaives" from Black Temple... And it turns out that you have to fight against your "brother in arms" who is not that different from you. We will find out how Blizzard is going to handle this situation, including the fact that neither the Alliance nor the Horde did not accept Demon Hunters, being afraid of their mightiness and the harm they can cause...

Now let's pass on to another no less interesting and mysterious innovation, namely to the epic weapons - artifacts. I was immediately confused by the fact that we will get the legendary weapon very easily, not the way it was before, when few people could get it or even no one could (for example, the Ashbringer). Now everyone will have it as a mandatory attribute. However, the fact that each class will have to complete the quest chain in its special place makes me happy. It means that while playing different classes you won't have to do the same quests. The weapon upgrade system is also interesting, because somehow the weapon will get its own talents. After choosing the ones you need it will get its own unique characteristics, abilities and look. I think that this is some kind of attempt to rehabilitate in the players' eyes after the developers changed reforging system which, by the way, was very convenient at its time and it still makes happy the players of the project.

This is still not the end for the most interesting and successful stuff, because it's being followed by the complete change of PvP system. Now you can increase your "PvP level" for honor points instead of buying gear. At a certain levels you will be able to choose PvP talents...(potential talents). And it seems like it's too much. In fact, it turns out that instead of having one way to get talents, now we have three: personal talents, weapon talents and PvP talents. Perhaps, it's a generous move from the Blizzard side, granting players the ability to customize the character to their taste and playstyle... But if you think about it, there will be lots of guides, by means of which everyone will use the same talent trees. And then it becomes unclear, what was the point of coming up with this "bicycle" again.

When I was reading about the new stuff in World of Warcraft Legion and watching the video announcement as I was writing this article, I came to a conclusion that Blizzard has just ran out of creativity. In fact, they offer us little new. We will have to fight the legion again and probably Illidan as it was previously in TBC. Moreover, they could not even think of anything better than moving Dalaran to the new Shattered Isles instead of creating some new capital city, more suitable for the zone and the whole expansion itself. The developers finally decided to release the Emerald Dream to the masses, even though it's not something new for us. As I wrote in one of my articles, the files of this location were in the game since "vanilla". And it means that it's not something unusual from Blizzard.

What can I say at the end. The developers and creators of our beloved World of Warcraft game won't bring anything new to us, except that new system with weapons and the "unique class". If you think about it, new continents and level increase are the main parts of every new expansion, including class and race creation (except Draenor which has upset us in that regard). Previously, there had been a new exciting story, incredible and catchy characters always waiting for us. Now it's not even close to that. Perhaps, Blizzard is trying to revive the old, almost forgotten heroes or to remake the plot, for example, with the Emerald Dream, the place of which was taken by Outland in TBC. And may be they have just ran out of creativity... As the saying goes, "let's play and see".

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