World of Warcraft: a Little Bit about the Classes, or Which One to Choose for Beginner

30-08-2015, 22:19
World of Warcraft: немного о классах, или кем играть новичку

Over the years of existence, World of Warcraft was evolving rapidly, expanding game content and, in particular, increasing the number of classes. They can be grouped by the main characteristic (strength, agility, or intelligence), the type of gear, by the performed role, etc. Those players who play WoW for a long time are already well aware of the capabilities of each class, its advantages and disadvantages. But what about the person who launched WoW for the first time? Which class to choose? In this article we will discuss what classes are in World of Warcraft and what they are capable of.


Warriors – are melee fighters and their primary stat is Strength. They are specialized on plate gear. As Warriors deal or receive daMage they generate rage, which is used to power special attacks. Depending on different specialization, Warriors can nurture their skills in different directions.
Fury Warriors focus on practicing in two-handed weapons posession.
Arms Warriors gain an ability of dual-wielding.
Protection Warriors, using a sword and shield become perfect tanks (characters the main role of which is to resist a huge amount of damage).


Paladins – immortal heavily-armored Warriors of holy. Their main stat depends on specialization. They use mana as resource.
The main stat of holy Paladins is intelligence. Having chosen this specialization Paladins become perfect healers (characters the main role of which is to heal the players).
Retribution specialization turns Paladins into righteous vanquisher of evil with two-handed weapon. They main stat is Strength. Retribution Paladins are melee fighters.
The third specialization is Protection. Using one-hand weapon and shield they become tanks, which is possible to resist a huge amount of damage.


Hunters – tracking masters. Their primary stat is Agility. Dressed in light mail and armed with bows, crossbows and guns they deal crucial damage from the distance. They use tonus as a resource.
Beast Mastery Hunters have ability to master exotic pets, and particularly, Spirit Beasts. Such Hunters’ pets deal especially huge damage.
Marksmanship Hunters receive turns Hunter into deadly ranged fighter.
Survival Hunters become great masters of traps passing of which will prevent enemies from coming too close to deal damage.


Rogues – masters of stealth. Their strike is always unexpected and unpredictable. Their primary stat is agility. Dressed in soft leather armor, they move silently and won’t mind to backstab. To use their abilities they spend energy. Classic Rogues’ weapons are daggers covered with poisons. However they are also skilled in the possession of another one-handed weapon. In all three specializations – Assassination, combat and subtlety – they are melee fighters.


Priests – traditionally perfect healers dressed into beautiful robes. Their main stat is intelligence. To use their ability they spend mana.
Shadow Priests having given themselves to the service of the dark forces, turning their abilities into deadly weapon. Assuming Shadowform, Priest becomes more invisible, increasing armor which allows resisting dealt damage.
Holy Priest becomes classic healer which is able to heal a huge amount of damage.
Discipline Priests are meant to anticipate possible damage. Their magic shields on players absorb a lot of damage leaving HP of the character almost untouched.

Death Knight

Death Knight is a heroic class which appeared in Wrath of the Lich King expansion set. To create DK (Death Knight) you have to have a character of 55+ lvl on your account. Death Knights are melee fighters which inflict not only physical but magic damage as well. Dressed into plate armor these combatants are unique in every specialization. They use runes and runic power to use their abilities. They can possess both two-handed and one-handed weapons. Their main stat is strength. Being the masters of resurrections they can make resurrected ghoul their pets.
Blood and Frost DKs can be perfect tanks because of possibility to absorb income damage in «Frost» and self-healing in «Blood». Frost and Unholy specializations make it possible to deal crushing blows


Shamans – Masters of elements. Subduing the magic of nature, fire and partially ice, they become the perfect fighters and healers. They prefer mail armor and spend mana to use their abilities. Their main stat depends on chosen specialization.
Enhancement Shamans use agility. This spec makes them melee fighters.
Elemental Shaman subdues the power of fire and nature. Shaman becomes ranged fighter whose main stat is intelligence.
Having chosen Restoration, Shaman becomes healer who is able to heal several targets constantly. The main stat in thic spec is intelligence


Mages, just as Shamans – masters of elements. And also the masters of teleportation. Their main stat is intelligence. Mages wear cloth garments and in all their specs – Arcane, Fire, Frost – they are ranged fighters. To use the abilities they spend mana. However, Mages are able not only to deal damage. Using magic of ice, they freeze enemies, slow them down, prevent casting and forbid usage of abilities for several seconds.


Warlocks – masters of curses and lords of demons. They are ranged damage dealers as well as Mages and their main stat is intelligence. They wear cloth garments and spend mana to use their abilities. Using the power of darkness and fire magic, Warlocks are able to deal a huge amount of damage in a short period of time and their demons-minions help them with this task.
Affliction Warlocks they inflict the main damage through the periodic effect abilities.
Destruction Warlocks in opposite inflict damage using abilities of direct impact.
As for Demonology Warlocks, they are able to summon the most powerful demons and have such ability as Metamorphosis. In demonic appearance, Warlocks inflict huge damage and becomes more enduring.


Monk – the class which appeared in Mists of Pandaria expansion sets. Monks wear leather gear. Their main stat depends on chosen spec. To use their abilities they spend energy, chi and mana.
Brewmaster Monk is a perfect tank which is able to evade attacks and absorb a big amount of damage. The main stat of Monk-tank is agility.
Mistweaver Monks turn into healers who are able to heal a lot of nearest players in critical situation.
Windwalker Monks becomes melee damage dealers. Using special abilities Monk not only inflict a lot of damage but also control enemies preventing them from inflicting damage in response.


Druids – the only class which has 4 specs and which is able to perform absolutely any game role. Druids – masters of transformations. They wear leather armor and their main stats are agility or intelligence (it depends on spec).
Balance Druid is a ranged damage dealer which subdues the power of nature and spends mana to use abilities.
Restoration druids are unique healers which are able to heal a lot of allies using mainly periodic abilities.
Feral Combat Druids become melee damage dealers and their main resource is energy. Jumping behind the enemy, Druid inflicts no less damage than other classes.
Guardian Druids, having turned into a bear form, become great tanks and their survival is undoubtedly one of the best. Receiving or dealing damage, Druid generates rage which is spent on abilities.

To conclude, it’s worth noting that every class is interesting. Every specialization is, undoubtedly helpful and interesting for studying and mastering. And whatever class you choose, the main point is that the game will give you only positive emotions.

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