«Guide Park» event: the overview and description

18-09-2015, 20:26
Обзор и описание мероприятия «Guide Park»

Hello, dear users of the uwow.biz project. We are all players and we tend to have ambitions to develop and increase our gaming skills. If it's PvE content, then every one of us try to deal as much DPS as possible, be more hardy or to be able to keep the whole raid alive with full health as long as possible. For such purposes, there are numerous guides, rotations and advices from experienced players on the net and on our forum. But frequently, in certain situations, all this stuff turns out to be not relevant and useful. That's the reason why a new quite unique game event has started on the Mists of Pandaria x1 realm recently. Tiron, the Event-Manager, has set a goal of trying to teach players and help them to master this or that class, and also to organize a discussion among all the representatives of a particular class, so everyone could express their opinion and share the experience. And thanks to this event being in-game, Tiron can check everyone's abilities on the training dummy and pick the best of them. It seemed to me that this idea was truly good, attractive and useful as well, considering that the MoP x1 is a PvE realm. But now let's see what does the creator itself think of this event, and we will also ask him a couple of questions:
{Victimsnino}: Paul, there is a great event being held on your realm, the name of which is "Guide Park". It seemed to me that it's very interesting and unusual one, and I think that players should try it out, because it's very useful. I didn't see anything like that on other realms. Tell me, how did you come up with this idea?

{Tiron}: Aleksey, I'm a part of our project's Administration and I work not only as an Event-Manager, but also as a moderator. As a moderator, my duties are to keep an eye on the general chat. I repeatedly saw messages where people had various questions concerning their class.
Because I'm an altruist, I couldn't help myself not reacting to these messages. So I began to think, how could I help these people? Eventually, I came up to a conclusion that it's necessary to hold the "Guide Park" in-game event, where we can solve everyone's issue concerning this or that class together.

{V}: And how did the players themselves embrace this idea? How did they react? How did they respond to it?
{T}: It goes without saying, I warned the players who put themselves above others and think that it's a useless idea not to come to the event. But, to answer your question, I would say that players' opinions were divided: some openly laughed at the idea of the event itself, while others supported it and believed that teaching the beginners or those who wish to learn more about the class - is a noble and necessary cause. As for the "Guide Park" participants, they were cheerful and grateful, and almost every one of them left happy and thanked me.

{V}: According to the reports, there had been only one event of such kind for now. It was devoted to Retribution Paladins. Tell me, how was the event itself? Were there any difficulties, and how the meeting was held?
{T}: Since it was a take-off release of "Guide Park", I expected difficulties and unexpected situations and I was ready for them, but to my surprise everything went perfectly.
Since 8 pm (Moscow time) I had been inviting every Retribution Paladin to take part in the event for half an hour. Then we all gathered in the RaidCall group, which was specially created by me for this event, and then I teleported all the participants in specially created zone. Over the next two hours, I had been telling them everything I know about Paladins, based on my player practice and tests, which I carried out during the preparation for the event. Every now and then players had questions, on which I or other players gave answers. We sorted out everything you need to have good DPS by testing it in the game itself, namely: talents, reforging, enchants, rotation, gems, glyphs and stat priorities.

{V}: Sounds very interesting. Then tell our readers, what class are you planing to teach next?
{T}: The next class will be Shadow Priest.

I think that this article will be interesting to check out for everyone who wants to master their class completely and learn how to play a new one. If you want to take part in this event, then come to the MoP x1 every Sunday at 8 pm Moscow time.

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