Class AddOns for WoW: Priest

5-11-2015, 23:53
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец

Hello, dear players. We continue to talk about class add-ons for World of Warcraft. And today we will have a look at Priest modifications.

Bitten's SpellFlash: Priest

Bitten’s SpellFlash: Priest is a Bitten’s SpellFlash module. It highlights the abilities which you should use. Different types of spells are highlighted in different colors. In “Shadow” specialization the add-on highlights the right rotation for you to achieve maximum DPS.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец

Mage Nuggets

This add-on has a lot of functions: spells and abilities’ timers. Thanks to Mage Nuggets you can easily track cooldowns, buffs and auras. It’s a unique add-on, in a way that it can calculate your character’s DPS. It takes into account your stats, buffs and procs. By means of this add-on you can play a lot more efficiently in both PvP and PvE.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец


After reaching level 90, Priests are to choose a spell out of three new ones in the talent section. This modification shows, for example, the radius of “Divine Star” and by that it helps you to use it to its full extent.

While installing the add-on, a new bar will appear, which can be customized. You can change the size of it as well as the place on the screen and so on. The bar look depends on the distance to a target. In other words, the add-on graphically displays the efficiency rate of using a spell at a certain distance.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец


This modification shows all auras and DoTs applied to a target. It also helps to track cooldowns. It suits not only Priests, but other classes as well.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец

Simple Shadow Orbs

This add-on changes your standard orb bar. Thanks to this modification it will look rather simple, however, you can change its color and size to your taste. Such functionality makes this, it would seem, an easy add-on to satisfy requests of any player.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец

Prayer of Mending Tracker

It’s for Priests only. It allows you to track your “Prayer of Healing” stacks. It creates an additional frame with the information about the current target, which is under “Prayer of Healing” effect. You can place this frame wherever you like.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец

Priest Friend

This add-on is for Priests only as well. With its help you can track class abilities without any problems. This add-on helps by notifying you about this or that ability (for example, “Inner Fire”) when it’s necessary. Moreover, it has a warning system. Priest Friend informs you about negative effects which should be dispelled whenever one of your allies gets one.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец


It’s quite a useful add-on, which scans your combat log and notifies when a player of your class uses, for example, crowd control spells. As soon as KickAlert finds out about other player using, for example, “Psychic Scream”, a timer of that spell will appear on your screen. It makes your cooperation with other players quite easier. And it also helps you to use the spells, which have big cooldowns, in turn.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец


This modification creates a separate window, which shows the current state of your buffs, debuffs and DoTs. It’s very convenient for DoT-related classes, including “Shadow” Priests. SpellRedux can be customized to your taste. You can individually sort and group the effects that are important. Even on the battlegrounds in the massive fights you will always get the information whether your DoTs are applied to a certain target or not. Thanks to this add-on, you can apply DoTs to more targets.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец


Despite its diminutiveness, this add-on is very useful, because it notifies you about the necessity of your positive effects being applied to your allies. BuffBroker is extremely efficient on the battlegrounds, where the enemies can easily dispel your positive effects. Note that BuffBroker won’t prompt you to buff, if a similar effect was used by another player.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец


This add-on is useful to track your temporary existing pets. Thus, Priests have a window timer for their shadowfiend.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Жрец

Perhaps, these are the main add-ons which can be useful for a Priest. In fact, there are a quite a lot of add-ons out there. It’s up to you to decide which one to use. We hope that you have learned something new from this article and found the right add-on, which will make your gameplay more comfortable.

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