History of the Creation of World of Warcraft. Part 5

8-11-2015, 20:15
История создания World of Warcaft. Часть 5

Hello dear players and visitors of the project uwow.biz. In this article from the category of «History of the creation of…» we will have a look at the history of the «misty» expansion set and precisely – Mists of Pandaria. As I wrote in the previous article about Cataclysm, this expansion pack turned out to be rather doubtful which caused decline of the number of players. In order not to give the remained players to the new competitor The Secret World and to the old competitor Star Wars the Old Republic, Blizzard decided to change the policy and the direction of the game by changing its essence. Mists of Pandaria expansion set should meant to add a lot of innovations to the game and change the gameplay target from the «kill another villain» to «learn a new culture». The developers kept the information about the details of this expansion set in secret to the last and when at Blizzcon players learned all about it the opinions, as it always happens, divided. One liked it, while other saw a vivid attempt to cater the Chinese audience. If this was so then this was a very reasonable course since thanks to this «trick» online increased a lot.

Speaking of "tricks": "Pandaren" race appeared in the game...accidently. Initially, it was planned as a joke on April 1. The developers decided to make a joke that Panda would be a new race in the game, but the players took it as the truth and very joyfully responded to the news. Without hesitation, Blizzard decided that the idea that was so well accepted need to be introduced. Also, Mists of Pandaria expansion set has introduced many other innovations that improved gameplay. For example, to play with friends from other realms or just to see players from other servers is possible now not only at the battlegrounds, in dungeons or raids, but in an open world as well! This system enhanced the ability to in-game interactions. Another great innovation was the uniting of all the achievements, mounts, and titles on the entire account. This greatly increased the activity of the players, since, when you earn the achievement or mount on one character you can "show off" with them on the other and farm the new instead of doing the same actions that were made on the first character. Combat pet system was also very successful and many players liked it, because it was a good way to escape from the usual battles to death and "to play Pokemon." For fans of "hard" mode the challenge mode has been introduced which reduces the level of equipment and increases the damage / health of all creatures within the selected dungeon. Those who like the history of Warcraft, appreciated the opportunity to pass PvE scenarios where the usual setup "tank-heal-3 dd" was not required which helped fully concentrate on the events. Black Market allowed players to get a lot of rare mounts, and many other things that are no longer available. Talent system has been modified largely simplifying the selection of talents and alternation of them according to "different situations" – you may change one or two talents, and you are ready to raid instead of PvP battles, and there is no need in changing the entire «talent tree». Also, the developers have introduced a complex system of gaining reputation with factions (you can’t gain one until you gain the other), removed tabards, which deprived the possibility of a "passive gaining" through killing mobs and bosses. As you may see, Blizzard tried to please almost all players.

In patch 5.1 the successful innovations continued. Thus, for example, «factional companies» have been introduced in Pandaria. They were based on the fact that the factions had to settle at the new continent somehow. "Brawler’s Guild", which has been waited by players since the days of "Lich", was met by players very warm and happily, as this way of entertainment has become very, very interesting and unusual. Another improvement in PvE - is "items improvement" for Valor Points. So, Blizzard solved the problem with an excess of VP, as well as allowed the unlucky players to improve their characters. Patch 5.2 - only successful innovations again. Isle of Thunder, Isle of Giants, a lot of interesting quests, and a lot more – all of these insanely gladdened players, which led to the return of the majority of players and increase the number of subscribers; it became clear that Blizzard kept its word about the global changes in the direction of their work. Throne of Thunder turned out to be successfully unexpected and unusual raid. Different and interesting mechanics, the number and difficulty of the bosses - all of these made a very good impression on the players. In addition, Wrathion’s legendary quest chain that was developing, forced to sweat all those who were trying to complete it. Thus, Blizzard once again to please everyone - and fans of "hardcore", and lovers of "big raids", and those who like a long and emotional quest chains, in short - everyone. Patch 5.3 has not added any global innovation. It introduced the function of "heroic scenarios" since players no longer were interested in normal. Mini-events in Barrens were unusual idea, where it was necessary to protect the caravans from Garrosh and his minions, or rob his timber- and oil-producing buildings.

So, here’s the last and the main patch, namely, patch 5.4, no less global and huge than any other. It introduced the following features: Timeless Isle, which is characterized by a large number of chests and rare mobs, thanks to which it was possible to farm good gears for future achievements. Flexible raids, which helped many new guilds and players, who hadn’t required lvl of equip for the normal mode, to get up off their knees. As you can see, this Blizzard’s move helped all new players to master the content easier and to go faster to all the "goodies" of gameplay on the 90th level. "Proving Ground" - another "assistant" for beginners, which is essentially a kind of training base for the players in a particular role, which allows them to master their class before getting in the raid. It helps to avoid situations when "the healer and the tank are in their roles for the first time and don’t know what to do". Wrathion’s legendary chain finally ended and allowed players to get the perfect cloak. It was very helpful and indisputably necessary, of course, but to obtain it there was no need to pass normal mode raids, since everything could be easily obtained in the LFR mode.
The «dessert», of course, is a raid Siege of Orgrimmar. It was also liked by almost everyone – for those who like duration, 14 bosses have been introduced, those who like "quarter system" received it, and those who like interesting mechanics, got it. In general, everything is in traditions of Blizzard. The only thing developers goofed off at is the decorations. No new places we have, alas, not seen. The beginning is in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and continuation is in the Orgrimmar and nothing more.

As a result, it can be said that Blizzard task to retain, return and increase the number of subscribers has been performed with an excellent mark, since huge amount of successful innovations have been introduced, almost all the players have liked it, game process has been made more interesting and bad ideas have been rejected. For all these reasons, a large number of players liked this expansion set and continued to play it at our game project, while official servers was updated to Warlords of Draenor. If you also like the Mists of Pandaria, then enjoy its beauty at uwow.biz project.

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