Wow Legion: Demon Hunter

15-11-2015, 22:23
WoW Legion: Охотник на демонов

Demon Hunter – is a new class which will appear at World of Warcraft Legion. In this article we will tell you about what this class represents and some facts from the history of WoW.


The first and the most famous demon hunter was Illidan Stormrage. The lord of the Burning Legion, Sargeras was burning Illidan’s eyes until only empty eye-pits left. The night elf’s sight became a nightmare, however he received an ability to see demons and people with magic skills. To strengthen Illidan’s power, Sargeras covered his body with tattoos. Since then Illidan received demonic magic abilities. However, his brother Malfurion didn’t appreciate the sacrifice and locked Illidan in prison for thousands of years.

Some time later, a group of night elves made a decision to fight with destruction by using no less destructive power. But they couldn’t receive the power using the same way, that’s why they found the other. For thousands of years, night elves and sometimes the other races were making an alliance with dark forces, filling their bodies with the demonic essence and making war against demons. Even though most of the night elves feel extreme fear before the demon hunters and their dark power, no one denies that they have played major role in the fight against the remained forces of the Burning Legion.

The ritual of becoming the demon hunter originates from the traditions of the night elves. Most of hunters are still coming from this race. However, some blood elves that were in pursuit of retribution after the Quel'Thalas had been destructed have joined to them. To become a demon hunter a hero must find another demon hunter who will agree to help him to pass the most difficult rituals. During the transforming process a hero has to capture and destroy the demon, and then put some of the demonic essence in their body. To capture the demonic essence permanently, converted hunters burn their eyes with a magic blade. To hide their empty eye-pits they wear various bandages. Being blinded demon hunters gain the ability to see the world with the help of unique sight – they see simple creatures as blinking silhouettes on a grey background and the demons as being in flame.

Demon Hunters in Wow Legion

Demon hunter is the second heroic class in WoW. They are available for playing at 98lvl. Available races: night elf, blood elf. It has two specializations: Vengeance (tank) and Havoc (dd). Demon hunters wear any type of one-handed weapons: one-handed mace, one-handed sword, one-handed axe, daggers and fist weapons. They wear cloth and leather armor. Hunters prefer to survive due to their agility but not due to firm armor.

Just like death knights, demon hunters have unique colors of skin and hair. When you create a character you are able to choose some extra visual features: different types of tattoos, horns and bondages. As for tattoos, not only different designs can be chosen but also different colors: red, black, purple, pink or shades of green. After transformation, demon hunters acquire wings and change their appearance, and particularly their feet turn into hooves.

Examples of abilities:
- Double jump: when a single jump isn’t enough, heroes use double jump thanks to their agility.
- Spectral Sight: Allows you to see enemies and treasures through physical barriers, as well as enemies that are stealthed and invisible.
- Chaos Nova: Unleash an eruption of fel energy, stunning all nearby enemies for 5 sec.

Metamorphosis increases the power of demon hunters. So, in vengeance spec you will receive special auras which reduce income damage and in havoc spec you will be able to leap into a middle of the battle.

Of course, about the demon hunters can be said a lot and still a lot of abilities remain untouched. However, the mentioned above information is enough to understand that it will be a very special class. We hope our article helped you to learn something new about the coming update of World of Warcraft.

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