Paragons of the Klaxxi Strategy Guide

27-11-2015, 23:52
Тактика на Идеалы Клакси

Hello, dear players of our project. Few days ago developers gladdened players of Mists of Pandaria with new boss in raid instance Siege of Orgrimmar. This is…or rather… these are Klaxxi Paragons. This is a very important correction since there will be nine bosses in one! Let’s move on to the battle mechanics:

To succeed in beating the boss you will need 2 tanks and 2/5 healers in 10/25 raid. Raid will fight only with three Klaxxi simultaneously. With which exactly is unknown, since within every CD they appear differently. When you kill one of the three bosses, the others two recover their health and get , which increases their damage by 10%. The point of the battle is to kill the most dangerous bosses primarily and not to forget about buff which mustn’t have a lot of stacks. One more feature of the boss is that most of debuffs are dangerous only when combined with abilities of the other bosses. That’s why it’s not recommended for tanks to intercgange each other. The last feature of the boss is when the raid kills one of the Klaxxi one of the players with a definite role (details will be further) may take its power for single use. Let’s consider abilities of each boss separately. The order of boss killing you should decide on your own, judging by your raid.

Xaril – perhaps, the strongest of the bosses. Upon appearance it will mark every player with one of the three colors. Then, it uses catalyst to activate the players of definite color. More about colors: – upon activation, players with red mark will explode inflicting up to 600k damage on the nearest players. That’s why players should be maximally dispersed from each other. –it has an opposite function. So, an explosion will inflict 800k damage which will be shared between the two closest players. That’s why it’s forbidden to leave players with this mark alone because they will die. – upon activation, a cloud appears under the player which inflicts 200k damage and you just need to move away from it.
Xaril will cast, on tank inflicting 50k per stack. If tank collect 10 stack, the ability , will be activated which will inflict 600k damage on every player. However, stacks won’t be collected if tank uses dodge chance increasing or damage absorbing abilities. In addition, Xaril will use , which increases damage from Kil’ruk? That’s why you need two tanks in a raid.

Korven – the second most dangerous of the bosses. It uses ,every 90 sec on any of the three (on itself aswell) Klaxxis which encases the target in amber. If the raid fails to break the amber in 10 sec the target will fully recover its health. That’s why you need either break the amber rapidly or make the boss cast it on the other boss and kill it – lower his HP to 55% and the other boss’ HP to 50%. Korven will stun tanks with the ability , and then use , which inflicts huge damage on every target in front of it.

Hisek – the boss which can’t be taunted by tank since it attack random players. Sometime after that Hisek chooses the target for , First of all, it will push away the target on 45m, then send a beam upon it and finally shot it inflicting 3.5 million damage. To survive, free players should stand in a beam to share the damage. In addition they should reach 5m+ distance between each other since everyone who is damaged will inflict 100k damage on every player within 5m distance because of .

Kaz’tik – the main feature of this Klaxxi is an ability to summon «bugs» which can’t be beaten while they are in a usual state. From time to time Kaz’tik casts , on a random player, which makes the bug to eat that player and the player to move towards the bug (the connection is shown with a yellow beam). To stop this action the HP of the bug should be lowered by 30%, however you can’t come up to it since you will be killed. That’s why bugs should be beaten by rdd only. While the bug is eating it accumulate energy. When it accumulates 100% of energy it will turn into a big bug which inflicts 600k damage on every players with the ability. Taking into account all the factors, the bugs should be beaten as fast as possible. The boss itself uses , inflicting 300k damage on everyone who is in the action range

Rik’kal – another boss which summon living creatures. This time, these are parasites which will appear only after the effect which is on the tank, fades. To prevent stacking of the effect is possible with the help of defending abilities. The parasites itself fully recover their HP every 10 seconds and use . on their target. Moreover, Rik’kal may turn a random player into a scorpion. While in the form, player may use new abilities such as instant kill of the parasites. However, this from inflicts 150k damage on every player within 3m and 50k to the player with debuff itself. Kik’kal casts , on tank which increases damage from Skeer. That’s why tanks shouldn’t interchange each other as well.

Kil’ruk – is a rather serious boss for tanks since it casts debuff , which increases damage from Xaril’s attacks. At the same time, this boss may stun the tank and use , which inflicts a very serious damage on the tank. From time to time, Kil’ruk jump around the raid using . That’s why the raid should be dispersed.

Iyyokuk – is not a very difficult boss. It casts ,on tank which reduces its HP by 34%. If tank has less than 25% of HP this ability will be lethal. But the main ability of the boss is , which gives different marks to a raid. Later, the boss will connect these marks with the ability . After that players will be connected with beams which inflict damage to those who stand in them. The further connected players from each other the lower damage will be. That’s why everyone should find its pair and ran away from it as far as possible.

Ka’roz – – is also not a very difficult boss if a raid is dispersed. From time to time it jumps around the raid using , on everyone who stands in its way. This ability makes the players spin in a vortex receiving 200k of damage per second. Sometimes Ka’roz jumps on a random balcony and casts , which has AOE effect and you just need to run out of this zone.

Skeer – the last boss in our list. It casts , on a tank which increases damage from Rik’kal. From time to time the boss will use , which summons three blood globules. These blood globules will move to a nearby paragon and heal them. The amount of heal depends on the amount of globule’s HP at the moment it reaches the boss: the less HP it has the less HP it will heal (just like Immerseus’ drops).

That’s all about the bosses and now let’s consider the Powers of Klaxxi, which players may receive by defeating one of the Klaxxi. The power depends on the boss:

Kil’ruk . Strengthening for DD. Upon using this spell you will jump and inflict aoe damage upon landing. It is worth noting, that using of this spell on the bugs of Kaz’tik will deprive them of their invincibility.
Xaril . Strengthening for healers. Upon using, all the healing abilities give players the buff which will heal them upon receiving damage.
Kaz’tik . Strengthening for everyone. Summons a bug for 40 seconds
Korven . Strengthening for tanks. Upon using, encase the target in amber, protecting it from all damage.
Iyyokuk . Strengthening for healers. Upon using, all the healing abilities will be doubled on the players of the same race and class as the initial one.
Ka’roz Strengthening for DD. Upon using, the player jumps on the nearest balcony. Here a piece of amber stays throwing of which inflicts aoe damage. It’s worth noting that this spell breaks amber shell which is used by Korven.
Skeer . Strengthening for DD. Upon using, a player’s attack will summon red healing spheres (like the monk’s one).
Rik’kal . Strengthening for everyone. Upon using, you turn into the scorpion.
Hisek . Strengthening for DD. Upon using, inflicts huge damage on boss and increase incoming damage by 15%.

That’s it for now. I hope, this article will help you to kill these rather difficult bosses. Wish you good luck in defeating the boss at our project

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