Siegecrafter Blackfuse Strategy Guide

30-12-2015, 01:44
Тактика на Мастера Осады Черноплавса

Hello, dear players and visitors of our project Literary two days ago the developers of Mists of Pandaria update introduced a new boss to us and to be precisely the 12th boss of the raid instance «Siege of Orgrimmar», Siegecrafter Blackfuse. This boss widely regarded as very interesting and dynamic and the events that are happening during the battle won’t let you fall asleep! To beat the boss successfully you will need two strong tanks, and also 2-3 healers. Let’s proceed to the strategy:

The battle consists of three components: the boss itself, shredders called by boss and assembly line with weapons which are moving on it. Let’s have a closer look at every detail separately:
The boss will cast , on tank which will increase damage taken from this spell next time and damage from tank to the nearest shredders (details will be further). Tanks should supersede each other within stacking the debuff. If boss be closer than 35 m to shredders it will cast , which will heal them quickly enough, thus tanks should keep the boss and trash apart. From time to time, boss may cast , which will cause a throw of buzz. Players should be attentive and run away from it. The last spell is a kind of opposition of the berserk mode. will be casted in case if players miss all the weapons supplied by assembly line (details will be further). It will cause the loss of DPS or more likely wipe.
Shredder has only two active abilities and one passive aura. The first spell is – Shredder starts jumping around the raid inflicting damage by landing. The second spell, perhaps, the most dangerous – – It inflicts huge damage and casts debuff which increases receiving of damage from this spell to the whole raid. . That’s why shredder must be killed as fast as possible but this is the main problem because of the aura , which decreases damage dealt by 90%. It is dispelled only after shredder had jumped around the raid, however the tank which have received debuff from Blackfuse may inflict increased damage upon this shredder (+200% per stack). After killing another shredder the boss will fall into for 10 seconds, that’s why tanks and healers must be ready for this «event»..
Assembly line:
Every 20-30 seconds new weapons will be appearing at assembly line. Every 20-30 seconds new weapons will be appearing at assembly line. Raid should assign 2 groups of 2-3 DPS in advance. They will be killing one of the three weapons while the other weapons will be invulnerable because of assembling. Unfortunately, one and the same character can’t get to the assembly line often than 1 time per 60 seconds that’s why raid needs to assign 2-3 groups but not one.
There are 3 types of weapons assembling for Blackfuse:
Missile Turret – it uses spell, which sends rings of seismic activity to a barrage of drills in expanding rings of sesmic energy, inflicting huge damage. Players should be very attentive and ran away from dangerous zones.
Crawler Mine – it chooses a random player and starts following him. If mine reaches him it will cast , which will inflict huge damage and also throw the raid into the air. Mines should be killed and stunned as fast as possible, because 1 minute after the appearance they will start running twice as faster and become uncontrolled.
Laser Turret – it shoots random players and leave puddles after that. The shot itself and also the puddles cast . It worth noting that this debuff may be casted at shredder as well if you manage to lead it into a puddle.

That’s it. If you manage to take into account all the factors mentioned above, you will manage to defeat the boss without any difficulties. Successful walkthrough and great loot at our project

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