Unique Items of the Mists of Pandaria Realms

25-02-2016, 22:59
Уникальные предметы в игровых мирах Mists of Pandaria

Hello, dear readers. Today we would like to introduce you unique items created by the uwow.biz developers. These items exist only at the Mists of Pandaria realms.

Legendary weapons copies for transmogrification

Perhaps, every player from time to time though that it would be great to have an opportunity to transmogrify their weapon into a legendary one. Of course, you can do that at your own risk by using forbidden software. However not everyone is ready to be punished for that. But today, players do not need to jeopardize their account, since our developers have created legendary weapons copies which can be transmogrified without breaking the rules of the project.

The list of the legendary weapons copies includes:
- Warglaive of Azzinoth, perhaps, the most impressive legendary weapon of the World of Warcraft history
- Thori'dal, the Titans' Fury, the copy of legendary Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury
- Val'anyr, Hammer of Titans, the most suitable weapon for those who were solving the secrets of Ulduar
- Menethil, Shadowmourne, the shadowmourne copy created for those who still remember breathtaking battles in Icecrown Citadel
- Eonar, Guardian of Life, the copy of Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest for Firelands conquerors
- Neltharion, Eternal Agony , the copy of Fangs of the Father that serves as reminders of the battles with Deathwing

Unique weapons for transmogrification

General game content has long been studied and most of the items are no longer look attractive. Nevertheless, many players still continue to use them. But, there is a group of players who are in a constant search. They are reviewing wowhead trying to find some new solutions which will allow them to look unusual. The uwow.biz project developers took care of it creating the variety of unique items the possession of which will surely make any character stand out among others.

The following unique items are available for transmogrification now:
- bow Shadowmoon Deadly Bow ;
- one-handed mace Golganneth, the Power of the Elements ;
- one-handed axe Ali'nosh, Titancrusher ;
- one-handed axe Malygos, the Heart of the Nexus ;
- one-handed sword Khaz'goroth, the Creator Blade ;
- one-handed sword Norgannon, Sleep-Watcher ;
- two-handed mace Aggramar, the Might of the Titans;
- two-handed axe Eregos, Secrets of Coldarra ;
- two-handed sword Dargonax, Twilight Piercer ;
- two-handed sword Sargeras, Burning Avenger ;
- polearm Mefistroth, Blood of Ancients;
- polearm Sabellian, Drakefire .

Unique mounts

What else can make your character unique if not mount? You may not only ride it comfortably but also show off in the capital city of your faction.

The Legendary Black Warp Stalker became the first unique mount. It has been received by those who have completed the final quest of the event "Terrifying", which was also created by our developers.

Tarecgosa's Visage appeared later. Now, not only those who have the legendary stave are able to turn into Tarcgosa, but all the characters of any class.

On Christmas Eve four more mounts appeared: Mystic Tiger, Striped Tiger, Polar Tiger and Xuen, the White Tiger. The first three mounts were available for the players, who were killing the New Year boss Nacromagus and got special in-game curency.

Moonfang Mount , which has been added in February can be summoned anytime and also Iron Warhorse. By the way, Moonfang Mount was the award for completing the last quest of the event «Spring Festival» which ended on the 22nd of February.

Shirts with visual effects

Special visual effects will help any character to find its own individuality. But unfortunately only few of such effects are available all the time. Most of them are temporal. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget about the class limitations. But this problem is solvable. Uwow.biz project developers have created a variety of shirts with visual effects. Now, «useless slot» can be occupied with the benefit.

So, players have received shirts with the snowfall effect as a New Year gift from admins of the server.

On Christmas players got not only a quest chain where they had to save the holiday, but also an opportunity to choose one of the three shirts: Starfall Shirt, Floating Butterflies Shirt and Raven Lord Shirt.

A little bit later the shirts with visual effects of legendary items have been created:
- Kindness of Chi-Ji Shirt;
- Breath of Yu’lon Shirt;
- Might of Xuen Shirt;
- Fortitude of Niuzao Shirt;
- Embrace of the Destroyer Shirt and Tabard;
- Shadowmourne Shirt (strong effect);
- Shadowmourne Shirt (weak effect).
All these shirts have a constant effect except for Embrace of the Destroyer Shirt and Tabard.

Also Path of Illidan Shirt and Path of Cenarius Shirt with a constant visual effect have been created.

We would like to note shirts which are able to change the appearance of any character completely:
- Wonder Shirt of Illusions: Gnome-Male;
- Wonder Shirt of Illusions: Undead-Male;
- Wonder Shirt of Illusions: Blood Elf-Female.

Cosmetical headwears

Some headwears are especially liked by gaming community. However, not every class can use them for transmogrification since every class wears different type of gear. So, two, probably, the most favorite headwears thanks to developers efforts have become cosmetical It means that Crown of Flame и Cursed Vision of Sargeras which are so much desirable by everyone are now available for transmogrification to all the classes.

Well, we should stop our narration about unique items of the Mists of Pandaria realms at our server uwow.biz here. All the items that are listed above are available from vendors that are situated at the entrances to Orgrimmar and Stormwind. It means that if you have missed one of the events, you still have an opportunity to buy them.

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