Garrosh Hellscream Strategy Guide

20-03-2016, 23:33
Тактика на Гарроша Адского Крика

Hello dear users! Recently an important event has happened in worlds of Mist of Pandaria on our beloved server, namely developers pleased us with final bosses in raid vault ‘Siege of Orgrimmar’, to be precise Garrosh Hellscream. How to fight with him will be described below.

In my opinion, this boss is the most unusual and interesting one in comparison with others. The only fact that you should kill Garrosh three times for one fight, visit three temples and a toxic Sha port in Stormwind City at the end surprises and amazes . Let's go through it all point by point. The battle consists of three main phases and few special ones, which will be different every time. Garrosh will restore the full health and obtain new abilities thanks to Y'Shaarj’s heart. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

Phase 1

The first phase is likely to be the easiest one. Garrosh just from time to time uses his two abilities and summons all possible adds. Only one of two abilities grants a chance on hit, namely , with help of which the boss throws a javelin at an accidental group of players (usually at rdd/heal). A huge Void Zone appears on the place of falling, Ranged DPS player needs to destroy this javelin for the reducing of Zone. You are better to manage to destroy one javelin before next one will appear, otherwise it can happen that the whole hall will be Void Zone and the raid will have no place to stand.
The second ability is less dangerous than the first one, at any rate it isn’t connected with open risk, because with a help of Warsong Garrosh will increase damage dealt and health of adds. That’s why adds shouldn’t be forgotten otherwise they will one shot the raid.More details about the last:
– melee, who use from time to time . They appear from two sides of hall, where a battle occurs. By the way they do it more often with time. – shamans, who cast a powerful AoE spell, and mass healing, which should be interrupted. However, if you do it, shaman will get, that will make next cast 25% faster. The thing is you should interrupt only heal, at the same time it is better to kill these creatures as quick as possible because the speed of cast can become so great that it will be impossible to interrupt it.
- they will spawn from two sides of room and cast Iron Star during 15 seconds. As only this cast is done, the star will roll through the whole room, making one shot with ability against everyone, who will be on their way. At the end of the way (touching the wall) it will explode with a spell , which the more damage inflicts the closer you are.
When Garrosh has 10%health, he will take the soul of Y'Shaarj fully recovering and making max health increasing. 15 seconds after it the Transition Phase begins, before which the rest of adds should have been killed.

Transition Phase

There are three types of this phase but the idea is the same. Raid is sent at the beginning of hall, Garrosh stands at the end, accumulating 1 energy by drinking Y'Shaarj’s blood and being under an immunity while there is at least one add in the temple. The task for the raid remains the same: to reach Garrosh, have killed all creatures as quick as possible. The sphere remains on the place of add’s death, going through which gives a buff . It worth noticing that the sphere possesses a limited amount of charges, so that each of players has to go through it not more than once. For successful completing the temples is recommended: to divide into two equal dps groups in Temple of the Jade Serpent and in Temple of Crane to kill all adds, but there isn’t such a necessity in Terrace of Endless Spring. There you should only run towards, aggressing and destroying everything you see. As soon as all adds are dead, the raid reaches Garrosh, the last will be using his only one ability , which is better to avoid for 30 seconds. When time comes, the next phase will begin, second one, transition phase will be repeating every 3,5 minutes.

Phase 2

In this phase the boss won’t recall adds, instead he will get four new abilities. It’s necessary to add that they can be reinforced, depended on how much Garrosh gained in the Transition phase. – a powerful aoe spell,which the more inflicts, the closer you are to the boss. If Garrosh gains in the Transition phase 25 energy, the spell will be added with ability , which whirls Flechettes and occasional players in range of 8 metres summoning Minion of Y'Shaarj. They by themselves are not very dangerous, but dying they explodes with ability , which heals others minions and increase their max health and damage.
– perhaps the most dangerous spell. With its help Garrosh mind-controls players, who in their turn do the same with their co-raiders, creating a chain reaction. It’s necessary to reduce their health up to 20% to return them back and prevent all tries to use Touch with stuns and kicks. If Garrosh has 50 energy, then controlled by him players will be immune to stuns and disorientation, their health will increase, thus it will be leading to some difficulties.
– same javelin with Void Zones as in the 1 phase. If the boss has 75 energy, he would use , which doesn’t allow to destroy the javelin, that’s why Void Zones will be active forever.The raid can only diminish its size, damaging it with the juvenile, but it would restore.
– usual dote, which is gained on active tank and damage of Shadow Magic. If Garrosh has 100 energy, he will use a spell, which with falling from tanks explodes aoe damage, then gives the raid a debuff, that increases damage taken by in further explosion of this spell up to 10%.
When Garrosh has 100%, he will heal up to 20, and then all abilities of this phase will turns in reinforced, and the next phase will come.

Phase 3

There aren’t any special features. In fact, everything is the same as in the second phase, with the exception of Reinforced species. As boss has got not so much health, don’t waste time on the javelin – it’s better just to step aside. You better not to attack Small Sha, as they are not so dangerous in original appearance (without reinforcing) as a couple that will die and the rest will get reinforced buff. Players who were hold under a control are high time to release, because forgotten co-raiders create a danger for you to be wiped.

If you consider all these details and specialties, the battle with a boss will leave only pleasant feelings. Good luck in the battle, I wish you good and desired loot.

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