Warcraft Movie Trailer Review and General Thoughts

30-03-2016, 15:59
Обзор трейлера к фильму «Варкрафт» и общие мысли

Hello dear users and visitors of the project uwow.biz! Today we are going to leave, let me say, the technical part of Wow and refer to more cultural and historical one, in our case to the film “Warcraft”.

If you are a fan of World of Warcraft whom most of you are then you should have heard already about this film, which is coming on the 26 of May in Russia (at least this date is shared on the Internet at the moment of writing of this article). Immediately a lyrical preface: the film will be released one of the first in Russia, it means we have some benefits, for example comparing with the USA, where the audience will get such a chance only on 10th June. But let leave these idle talks, it’s high time we dealt with the film.

This film, precisely the film based on the “game”, is the first of this kind, it’s worth adding that “Warcraft” has great chances to develop and claim this direction in cinematography, thanks to which maybe other game companies will decide to shoot the film based on their universes.

A trailer was introduced firstly on BlizzCon in 2015, where the crowd of people was just amazed by this trailer and by two other events, which had happened there. Robert Kazinsky, who portrays a role of Orgrim, told fans that he had spent more than 600 days of playing time that helped him a lot to learn the world of game perfectly and transform into a character easily. Clancy Brown answered with his character’s voice at the same presentation, your suggestions about who it was write on the forum, let’s discuss =)

The events of The First War will be showed in this film, when the army of orcs rushed into Azeroth through The Dark Portal and Stormwind City was destroyed. If to compare with the plot of games, film covers the first and the second parts. The Dark Portal in Draenor was opened for orcs by nobody but Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal, who will be played by Ben Foster..According to actor’s words, I quote: “He came up in a time protecting an area, and the way he protected this area was through magic. As peace returned to this land he took a break”.
This actor’s statement intrigues a bit, because what Medivh could protect? His body hid titanium Sargeras’ nature, with whom he been always fighting for his own soul, but at the end he did everything that his second nature wanted, to be more precise he opened the portal in Draenor, sent Gul'dan a vision about where he could find Sargeras’ tomb…finally, he was killed by Khadgar and Lothar during the storm of Karazhan tower. So due to “classic story” Medivh didn’t protect anything, even vice verse, he revealed everything to Sargeras and Gul’dan. In other words, we probably will see in the film some differences between the story and the game, which we can’t predict to be good and unusual or make us hit the roof because of destroying our beloved story.

It isn’t difficult to notice not the least important moment, I mean little Thrall, whois sent on a boat for saving his life. If somebody had read or just know the history of Warcraft than he should know that Thrall had been left to freeze in snow where people found him. After he became a slave and took part in Gladiator’s game and eventually he escaped. It is still unclear, if this part of his life will be told, without which Thrall won’t be himself, at least because “Thrall” means “a slave”. However, he can’t appear earlier than in the second part, because he is too young then.

Special attention is needed for the fact that there won’t be division of orcs and people between “good and bad” and their lifelines will be showed parallel till the moment of crossing. We can find just an explanation – fans of WoW play for either Alliance or Horde. So if one faction in the film will be put in the best light, the players of another can really lose their temper…

We can distinguish two types of orcs in the video: usual, dark-skinned and green-skinned, drank from demonic blood. The first judging from everything decided to enter into an alliance with human for destroying the second group. The evidence is not only that Durotan and King Llane are standing in the basin and talking about it, but unambiguous Durotan's hit at Gul’dan.

Of course, the questions remain and there are many of them, thousand of questions can turn up every second of a trailer, for example why orcs are portrayed as immortal and unbeatable machines of large seizes, who this orc – Gul'dan is (maybe he is here here, Ner'zhul(or he is here but could it be Blackhand? Could it be anybody else at all? Who is this arcanist – Khadgar or Medivh?If you know that, then there is more difficult question: who is this arcanist in red on the right hand? If you know this information, please write your answers in the topic, as only it will appear.

To sum up, we can say that we will see classical confrontation between Horde and Alliance, reinforced with demons’ deeds. Also we can say that usual and acquainted history will differ with the film noticeably, but we should discover new facts at the same time, which we couldn’t have known before. That’s why we will be waiting eagerly for the releasing of this amazing film to clear up doubts, either to confirm our guesses, or to be surprised with the unusual plot twists, due to which Blizzard will reveal the most hidden secrets of the world of Warcraft.

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