WoW AddOns: Action Bars. (Part 1)

14-04-2016, 12:30
Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)

Hello, dear readers. Today we will talk about add-ons, which change action bars. Note that these modifications will be useful in-game on any World of Warcraft server, including the realms.


It’s one of the most popular add-ons for action bars. It has many functions, but at the same is easy to handle. Even the most inexperienced user will be able to understand how it works. Its functions are:
- action bars, stance bar, pet bar, micro menu, bag and mount bars;
- experience and reputation bars;
- possibility of changing key bindings on any of the bars;
- possibility of changing the number of bars, their place and direction.
- possibility of changing the scale of bars and their screen position;
and so much more.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)


It’s a very useful add-on, because it changes the usual action bars by making them more comfortable. It has similar functions as Bartender4, however there is one feature which is inherent only to this one – fading bars. If you are not using this or that action bar for some time, it will fade out. In order to see it again, it’s enough to point your mouse cursor at it.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)


It paints the action bars and spells with new colors. You can change the style of your action bars whenever you feel like it and customize it to your taste. Also you can download some additions to it - Masque: Trinity (it changes the look of spell icons) and Masque: Caith (a set of popular “skins” for Masque add-on).

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)


By pressing the hot key it activates a ring of bars, in which you can put any spell or item. For example, if you don’t have enough space on the main bars for such things as health stones, potions, elixirs, food or mounts, then this add-on will help you a lot.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)

Sunn Viewport Art

This modification adds to the interface different “skins” for buttons, background styles and action bars. You can customize all the bars separately and by that you will create a unique interface. Its functions are to design the interface. It’s rather difficult when it comes to settings, but if you are eager to make your interface unique, then you will need some patience and you will be able to master the settings of Sunn Viewport Art.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)

Button Forge

It creates additional action bars. Does it have any extraordinary things? It allows you to create 5000 buttons on a single bar. Of course, such number of buttons in-game won’t necessarily come in handy, but you have to admit, it’s very convenient to place so many buttons on a single action bar. You can customize key bindings and change their look. Make your action bar unique by controlling the number of rows and button columns on each bar.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)


It’s a simple add-on, which helps you to track cooldowns on your action bars, debuff icons and player or target buffs. The color of the timer changes, depending on the cooldown and duration of the spell.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)

Ovale Spell Priority

This add-on is considered to be unique. It’s suitable for all classes. Its main function – to show you the right rotation. In some situations it helps you to maximize your DPS. It creates a frame with one or several spells, which are recommended to be used. It has a multitrack for DoTs and promts you, when you should renew this or that DoT on the target. This modification works perfectly with Masque add-on.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)

Trinket Menu

It creates a separate action bar, by means of which you can change your trinkets almost immediately. If you are changing them in-game depending on the situation, then this add-on will suit you perfectly. You don’t need to search for trinkets in your bags anymore. It’s enough to point your mouse cursor at the action bar and it will pop-up a window with all the trinkets you have in your bags. By clicking the left mouse button the trinket will appear in the top slot, by clicking the right mouse button – in the bottom.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)


This add-on changes the function of the right mouse button. Thanks to what you will be able to self cast any spell by pressing your abilities on action bars with right mouse button. At the same time, it’s not important at all whether you have someone targeted or not. It’s a very useful modification for both PvE and PvP.

Action Bar Profiles

It allows you to keep “sets of buttons”. If you have to change your play style while playing the game and switch the buttons' place every time – then this add-on is for you. It memorizes the place of the spells and abilities on action bars and saves them. You can switch between “sets of buttons” in one single click.

Аддоны для WoW: панели команд. (Часть 1)

That’s it for the first part of WoW AddOns: Action Bars. It's worth mentioning that these modifications make your game more comfortable. You will be able to read the second part of the review in one of the upcoming articles of our blog.

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