Transferring and shutting down of x115

23-04-2016, 13:22
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Everything has an end, so it happened to x115. This realm ran dry, that’s why we are going to shut it down. Thus there are two variants of transferring of the characters. Transfer will be available from the control panel.

Some details about transfer conditions:
A transfer to x30 will be for free. Moreover, due to our wish to equalize online of the factions we will offer to those who transfer alliance characters a free opportunity to change the faction to the opposite. Also, the decision was taken to lower the reduction of the rates by one percent per week to make a gameplay more interesting.

As for x125, a transfer to this realm will be charge, since it is an Easy Mode realm and it has quite a big online. The cost of transferring to x125 will be 200 tokens (don’t muddle up with ether).

More information about terms and opportunities of the transfer you may learn from the appropriate topic at our forum .

P.S. Since guilds won’t be transferred – you should take all the items from a guild vault to your bags in advance.
P.P.S. All the transfers are definitive. You should think twice before pushing the transfer button. You can’t say later «it was a mistake/I changed my mind/cat jumped on a keyboard, transfer to another place»