Changelog September 2016

1-10-2016, 16:24

  • Fix of bug, when didn't always remove loss of control effects from a pet
  • Some corrections of the Devilsaur pet class characteristics - fix of bug, when this type of pets had immunity to all types of control


  • Some correction of the glyph (58385) "Glyph of Hamstring" proc


  • Fix of bug, when casted constantly by earth elemental
  • Some corrections of the elementals' characteristics upon improved talent
    (Information - during fire elementals' fight analysis (simple and enhanced), an ability 57984 is chosen separately, at the official servers - is combined with autoattack which causes some problems in counting and differences of combined damage from ability and autoattacks in general according to the logs)
  • Fix of bug, when all the summoned elementals had the only basic haracteristic - ap, which depended on the caster's ap only. Now, basic characteristic will be chosen according to the higher caster's stats - ap or spd.


Death Knight
  • Basic implementation of "Glyph of Foul Menagerie"(58642) - now, Army of the Dead will summon "Geists"
  • Some corrections of the "Scent of Blood"(50421) proc

Siege of Orgrimmar:
  • Kor'Kron Dark Shaman - fix of exploit with leading the boss from the battle area.
  • Spoils of Pandaria - multiple fixes of the encounter's spells, implementation of the absent abilities, fix of achievements connected with the victory on the given encounter, is now available in heroic mode.
  • - is available in heroic mode now.
  • - is available in heroic mode now.


  • Fix of the pet's pursuit. There will no longer be bug, when pet didn't hit with the white attacks because of the distance to the target.
  • Attempt to eliminate unexpected procs of for some classes
  • Fix of cd displaying for raids and dungeons
  • Fix of items giving out according to spec upon petsonal loot



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