[SPECIAL OFFER] Free Complete Transfer to x1 Realms.

1-10-2016, 21:45
[АКЦИЯ] Полный бесплатный перенос на игровые миры х1

We've finally reached our hard mode rates, namely x1 realms. I present you a new special offer: Completely free transfer from all the available for transfer realms.


1) You may transfer your character for free to the following realms: x1 MoP and x1 LK
2) Your character should have the maximum level and spend no less than 5 days in game (it can be checked with /played command).
3) Since special offer's conditions exclude any payment for transfer, your character is transferred directly to the chosen realm but not to the test server. Thus, a character will be deleted from the old realm immediately after check.
Important! If we can't delete a character - we won't transfer it!
4) During creation of an application, you should choose "Paid Transfer".
5) The special offer will last from the 1st to the 31th of October inclusive.
6) Clarification on the terms of the applications execution: Due to big amount of transfers special offer's applications will be considered in more than 2 days.

About complete transfer:

You may read full information about terms and conditions of the paid transfer in the following topic F.A.Q. on the paid transfer
If you can't find the answer to your question in F.A.Q. you may ask it here, or in private message at the forum.