3-12-2016, 15:18

Hello, dear users and guests of
In this video we will tell you about the latest changes on Crazy realm.
Based on Lich King client we developed our own client for Crazy realm. You will find numerous changes which will make your gameplay more pleasant.
All Legion artifacts have been added to the game. You will be able to obtain them absolutely for free.
You will also be able to upgrade your artifact weapon and change the way it looks. Every artifact weapon has 5 upgrades.
For every upgrade your character will get new unique spells which will be significantly helpful.
New battlegrounds such as Temple of Kotmogu, The Battle for Gilneas and Twin Peaks have been added, including new arenas the Tiger's Peak and Tol'viron Arena. There are more interesting changes to come. They will surely surprise you pleasantly.

New unique PvP zone has been added to the game, where all players are hostile to each other. The zone is based on the Tiger's Peak Arena. You receive various rewards as you get 50 kills.

Cosmetic items from Draenor and Legion have been added so you can make your character look better.
New Legion mounts have been added.
Spell animations have been added. Numerous new models have been added as well.

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