Changelog WotLK

14-05-2017, 15:50
Dear players! Due to the fact that a lot of people are concerned about the fate of LK in terms of development we will post changelogs here soon.

• Friend and ignore lists should work properly without showing players coming online that you don't have on your friend list.
• Players that you ignore will no longer be able to message you.

• Fixed fraction disbalance while queuing battlegrounds.
• Taking into consideration that some players have bad connection with the cross-realm server, we decided to disable "deserter" debuff.

Strand of the Ancients
• Fixed a problem when some players didn't see anything (other players, battleground demolishers, bombs, portals) upon entering the bg.
• Fixed problems with target interaction while being in the bg, - you should no longer have problems attacking/healing targets.

Onyxia's Lair script has been reworked and optimized.
• Fixed flying phase.
• Fixed server crash reason.
• Fixed numerous boss issues.

Naxxramas script has been fixed.
• Loot should be fixed now.

The Ruby Sanctum
• Old script has been reworked and readded.
• Fixed a problem when you couldn't enter the instance due to the combat bug.
• From now on, the whole instance progression will be saving even if the server goes down.
• Fixed Keristrasza event, there is no need to wait until she stops talking anymore. mechanic has been fully reworked. now spreads randomly and slowly.
• Fixed falling speed. initial size has been restored.
• Added an announcement upon landing, small adds now appear later. radius has been fixed.
• Will no longer aggro if you come closer.

Icecrown Citadel is no longer affected by LOS (textures).
• Oozes' target selection has been reworked.
• Fixed a problem when a player couldn't attack Red Ooze while a Green one was on him, and vice versa.
• Fixed and
• Should no longer bug out on the last phase when the whole raid is dying and he just stands still.
• Will no longer aggro if you come closer. now always chooses a random player except tanks (1 spirit for each of the 3 players).
• Script has been slightly corrected
• Script has been slightly corrected and scripts have been reworked.
• Numerous issues have been fixed.
• Numerous corrections have been applied.
• All abilities now give proper amount of runic power.
• As he gains runic power he becomes bigger and deals more damage.
• Fixed healing effects.
• Issues with adds teleportating have been fixed.

Serpentshrine Cavern
• Combat bug issue has been fixed.
• Entrance door (waterfall) now disappears if you click on it.

Black Temple
• Fixed Akama event.

• No longer spams

• Separate script has been implemented.
• Now it gives up to 2 buffs of random guardian and battle elixirs.
• Works for mana based classes, but if you are a warrior, for example, it gives you buffs if you don't have full hp.
• If you already have elixirs of such types active, then nothing will happen upon using the potion.

General/Core/Mind Control
• Mind controlled targets now correctly chase and attack targets.
• Issue with mind controlled players running through textures and locations to the boss has been fixed.
• Mind Control is still being implemented.

talent has been reworked.

• Now also affects damage upon dispelling.

Anti-Cheat System
We are still working to improve it, but here is what we have been working on lately:
* all types of scripts such as lua, PQR, addons, autokicks etc. are now can be tracked.
* such addons as PunisTool, ColorMe, BindBP, BindPad, SuperDuperMacro, SuperMacro are no longer allowed to use (even if you rename them).
* if you cheat you will be warned and disconnected by the anti-cheat system.