WotLK Changelog September

21-09-2017, 19:25
Dear players! This month we worked hard for you.
Here is a list of what we managed to achieve in September:

Icecrown Citadel
• Enrage and defile timers have been fixed.

Utgarde Pinnacle
• Script has been fully reworked.

http://www.wowhead.com/spell=64386/terrifying-screech and http://wowhead.com/spell=64389 abilities have been corrected.
• Fixed issue with guardians not disappearing when the boss is dead.
• If the server goes down/restarts guardians won't spawn again anymore.
• Damage upon http://www.wowhead.com/npc=33136/guardian-of-yogg-saron exploding has been fixed.
http://wowhead.com/npc=33134 abilities will no longer be applied to players who entered the portal.
http://wowhead.com/spell=63802 ability has been implemented.
http://wowhead.com/npc=33292 are now floating around the room.
http://wowhead.com/npc=33292 will summon Guardian of Yogg-Saron upon touching it.
http://wowhead.com/spell=61968 now casts slower than before.
http://wowhead.com/spell=61968 deals significant damage now.
http://wowhead.com/spell=61968 target selection has been fixed.
• If you won't stand in a snowdrift when the boss casts http://wowhead.com/spell=61968 you will be encased in a block of ice for 5 minutes or until somebody breaks it.

• "Sanctified Retribution" second part of the talent has been reworked.
• Fixed issue when "Sanctified Retribution" didn't increase damage caused by some of the group members.
• Fixed applying issues with "Sanctified Retribution" when there was more than one paladin with this talent in the group.
• Now "Exorcism" and "Flash Light" won't affect autoattack recharge anymore.
• Now "Redemption" is affected by haste rating.

• Fixed issue with "Hurricane" ticking and making "Clearcasting" effect fade.
• Fixed issue with "Elune's Wrath" proccing and fading while casting "Starfire".
• You will no longer be teleported down to the ground while canceling your "Flight Form" in the air.
• Now when canceling "Flight Form" you will maintain your falling speed.
• Starfall will no longer hit targets which can't be seen by the druid.

• Fixed issue when you couldn't move your character after "Mind Control" was dispelled.
• Fixed issue when you could control movements of a player that was MC'ed while stunned or rooted.
• Now damage increase effects will stack properly.
• Fixed issue when proc system didn't set the cooldown of a certain spell used on pets (e.g. if you apply "Sacred Shield" to a pet, it will always proc).