Technical Problem at 07.10.2019

10-07-2019, 09:57
Технические работы 10.07.2019

This morning, a malfunction of work occurred on the game server of the Legion x100, due to which part of the data was damaged and lost, the last backup made is currently being restored, the rollback will be approximately 6 hours. While the server base is being restored, the realm will not be available.

As compensation for lost data, all those who entered the game during the rollback period will be credited with 100 tokens.

Database recovery time of 3 hours.

Update at 13:00 (Moscow Time)
Base recovered by 50%

Update at 15:15 (Moscow Time)
The database has been successfully restored, the server is running and available for login, and everyone who logged in to the account from 02.00 to 09.45 on the realm x100 legion received 100 tokens each.