Recruitment of specialists for closed beta test

21-08-2021, 15:17
Набор специалистов для ЗБТ

Hello. As you know we are going to launch a new Legion x5 realm with gradual opening of content.
Right now we are conducting closed beta-test of the first stage (7.0.3 content). Therefore we are searching for beta-testers that could evaluate state of our first opening stage.

If you would like to take part in beta-testing, you must understand what the first stage looks like, know its features and the differences from other stages of Legion.

Experts can expect to receive tokens as a reward if they are first to identify and report any inconsistencies to the testing department.

Application form
- Name
- A brief description of how competent you are in the questions of how the first stage should look like (e.g. played wow in the days of 7.0.3 / conducted your own research on this issue, etc.);
- Discord for communication.

You can apply here

The testing department will selectively contact the specialists of interest in the discord.