Details of Legion x5 opening

17-11-2021, 09:42
Подробности открытия Legion x5

How to connect to the server is written here!

World info:
  • opening date: 12/17/2021 at 16:00 GMT.
  • raits: x5 for experience, everything else x1
  • game world type PvE
  • Raid Lockouts last a week for Normal, Heroic and Mythic with the option to extend Lockouts. Each difficulty has its own personal loot lockout like in retail whereas Mythic uses a more familiar raidwide lockout.
  • Crossfaction
  • Game world with the gradual opening of the content, the game client will always be version 7.3.5 (any build of the client patch 7.3.5 is supported)

Until Realm First 110s extra rules will be applied to class creation in order to have equal opportunities:
  • Creation of DKs you need a character on the account of at least level 55
  • Creation of DHs you need a character on the account of at least level 98
  • Some bonus auras will be disabled, which give an advantage in pumping, for example: Monks
  • In some starting locations, such as DK, DH, Worgen, Goblins, Monks, and some others, experience rates before leaving the starter zones are x1, it is necessary otherwise players will not be able to get out of them (this condition works on a permanent basis).

  • The first 10 players to reach level 110 will each receive 1000 bonuses
  • One week after the start of the server (24.12.21 23.59 GMT), characters with 3 days or more of playtime will receive 200 bonuses (they must be at level 110).
  • The first group to pass the 15 key timer will receive 2500 bonuses (for the entire group).
  • The first group to pass the 20 key timer will receive 2500 bonuses (for the whole group).
    [The first group to pass the 25th key in the timer will receive 5000 bonus points (for the whole group)
  • The first group to pass the 30 key timer will receive 15000 bonus points (for the whole group).
  • The first raid to defeat all bosses on epochal difficulty Emerald Nightmare will receive - 100000 bonuses(for the entire raid)
  • The second raid that defeats all bosses on epochal difficulty Emerald Nightmare will receive - 50,000 bonuses (for the entire raid)
  • The third raid that defeats all bosses on epochal difficulty Emerald Nightmare will receive - 25,000 bonuses (for the entire raid)

Content unlock info:
  • From the first day of the launch the following dungeons will be available: Black Rook Hold, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Halls of Valor, Maw of Souls, Neltharion's Lair, Vault of the Wardens, Violet Hold, Court of Stars, The Arcway.
  • In 7 days, the Emerald Nightmare raid will open on normal and heroic difficulty levels, the 1st season of the arena and the 1st season of epochal+ dungeons will begin, epochal+ dungeons will become available.
  • The Emerald Nightmare raid on epochal difficulty will open in 14 days.

Additional information:
  • Arena Season - - Vindictive Gladiator: Season 1 Legion
  • Prestige - maximum 4
  • Artifact knowledge - maximum 24 (starts at 10 and goes up every week)
  • Level scaling of NPC starting locations - as on 7.3.5
  • Character abilities work - as on 7.3.5
  • Artifacts - only available on the first talent tier, workability as in 7.3.5
  • To raise interest, during the race some characteristics of the raid bosses, as well as the NPC they cause, will be changed

  • Affix Generation - one set of affixes weekly for the whole server
  • Affix set as on 7.0.3
  • Key breaking system - as on 7.3.5
  • Reward generation system - as on 7.3.5
  • Spell Damage level of NPCs - reduced by 20% from 7.3.5
  • HP level of HP - decreased by 47% from 7.3.5

Maximum item levels:
  • Legendary - 895
  • Non-legendary - 880
  • For local quests - 805 - 850
  • In epochal legion dungeons - 840
  • In the heroic dungeons of the legion - 825
  • In ordinary legion dungeons - 805
  • Creation Items - 815-850
  • Class stronghold sets - 810-840
  • From world bosses - 850
  • For reputation - 820-850
  • For time travel - 815

  • Donation information:
    • the first 3 days after opening, donation vendors will be removed from the game to eliminate bugs in getting the first 110 levels
    • Donate on the realm will not affect the balance of the game

    Cross info:
    • realm will not be connected to the cross server
    • further connections will be announced later

    The information is intended as an introduction and a general idea of how the content will be opened on the server. This information is subject to change at any time without prior notice to players.
    All dates are only approximate, they may change depending on the speed of content passing by players, the speed of content correction by developers, or any other reasons that may affect the change of opening time.