Legion x5 new stage 7.2.0

14-01-2023, 17:17
Legion x5 новый Этап 7.2.0

The transition to the new stage 7.2.0 will take place on January 31st:

  • Cruel Gladiator: Legion Season 3(Prestige max 13) will start
  • The current season of Mythic+ will continue and end on March 1st
  • A new location Broken Shore will be opened
  • The second tier of artifact talents will become available
  • There will be minor changes in affix sets
  • Dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Night becomes available
  • Lower and upper parts of Karazhan, Catacombs of Suramar, Quarter of Stars have been added to the list of the Legion random dungeon finder in Heroic mode.

Changes in the maximum value of the item level:
  • Dauntless (850)
  • Relinquished(for Nethershards) (880)
  • Legion Mythic Dungeons (865)
  • Legion Heroic Dungeons (845)
  • Legion Normal Dungeons (825)
  • World Quests (870)
  • Class Hall Set (870)
  • TimeWalking(850)

P.S. Data and terms may change depending on the scripting speed of the raid or any other problems or conditions.