Class AddOns for WoW: Mage

26-01-2016, 01:26
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг

Hello, dear readers. As you may have already noticed from this article’s name, we continue to talk about class add-ons for WoW. And today we will take a look at Mage modifications.

Bitten's SpellFlash: Mage

Bitten’s SpellFlash: Mage is a SpellFlash module, which is developed for Mages only. The module enables you to optimize the rotation for all three specializations, so you can achieve maximum DPS. Of course, the add-on can’t react situationally, however if you want your actions to repeat, it’s the right add-on for you.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг

Mage Nuggets

This modification has a lot of quite useful functions for all Mage specializations. One of the features is that it tells the player about his procs. Also it has portal menu with teleportation coordinates. Mage Nuggets tracks your DPS, taking into account character’s stats as well as applied positive affects.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


By means of this add-on you will be able to use “Combustion” ability more optimally. CombustionHelper tracks Mage DoTs applied to targets and “Combustion” cooldown. Thanks to this modification every player can use “Combustion” to its maximum effect. While tracking the applied DoTs it also reminds you about fading effects.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


It’s quite a useful modification for all Mage specializations. It shows useful buffs, which Mage can steal from the enemy. This simple add-on pops up a small frame with a list of stealable buffs on your current target. The only thing you should do is to click the button to steal the buffs.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


MyBigIgnite is developed for “Fire” Mages. It simplifies the tracking of classic Mage buffs. It shows buff cooldowns and possible damage from the spells. Thanks to its modular structure, every function can be separately activated and optimized. It has wide range of functions, which allows you to customize it to your taste.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


This add-on shows DoTs’ debuffs on multiple targets. It tracks the spells and the procs: «Nether tempest», «Living bomb», «Ignite», «Pyroblast», «Combustion» and so on. It can also give you warnings and notifications when the debuffs need reapplying.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


It’s a small, but a very useful add-on. It creates a mini frame to show all of your teleport and portal spells, which you have learned.
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


This modification is made for “Frost” Mages. It helps to use your “Frost Nova”. It tracks a possible action of “Frost Nova” on the target. Frozen is useful if there are several targets in front of the player. This add-on’s frame is simple to customize and it will suit almost any interface.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


Arcanometer creates a new bar with mana, bomb timers and proc frames. This add-on has a beautiful texture. You can customize it to your taste by changing its color. There are bomb and talents’ timers. By means of this add-on you can track your procs easily without any problems.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг

Mage Fever

It’s another add-on, which tracks buffs and procs. Mage Fever is simple in use and it doesn’t need any kind of add-on modules. This add-on’s frame hides when it’s not needed and appears when your character is in combat.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг
Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг


This modification serves as a timer for buffs, debuffs and so much more. Also one of its functions is to track cooldowns of your spells. The main issue of this add-on is that the frame is fixed in a window. If the Mage deals damage to two or more targets, a new timer frame will appear for every single one of them. But the player can customize every frame to his taste and control every available timer.

Классовые аддоны для WoW: Маг

That’s it for our story about class add-ons for Mage. We looked through the main modifications only, but we hope that you have found what you were looking for. Have a good game!

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