Premium account

22-01-2021, 13:10
Премиум аккаунт

Premium account features:
  • Profession leveling rating - x3
  • Experience rating - х2
  • Emails will be sent / received instantly
  • Instant exit from the game in any location
  • All points of taxi flights will be open, in addition, taxi flights will be instant, as well as their cost will be reduced by 35%
  • Your equipment will lose durability 50% slower
  • Disabling PvP mode (acts like "War Mode" on official servers, ie after enabling this function, other players will not be able to attack you)
  • Hearthstonewill regenerate twice as fast
  • Resurrection Sickness duration has been halved
  • The ability to work with the bank anywhere
  • The ability to work with the auction anywhere
  • Ability to transmogrify anywhere
  • Ability to work with mail anywhere
  • Ability to repair items anywhere
  • Larger backpack (your backpack will have 8 more slots)
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