Changelog August 2016

1-09-2016, 09:37
  • The official servers like cd system is installed to be tested.
  • Deathmatch is launched in «combat» mode
  • A new cd system is installed again. Now, different difficulties have single cd for definite raid
  • Исправлено несколько крашей на новой системе КД
  • The first SoO quarter is available in hard mode now
  • For more convenient walking through the SoO heroic modeit was decided to increase cd to 2 days.
  • 5 fixes of the server errors
  • 2 fixes of crashes
  • The spells’ effects processing system has been rewritten which helps to reduce memory consuming by 10 times.
  • An optimization is conducted which should accelerate processing of the spells’ effects.
  • Fix of bug of the effects connection in the new system




  • Fix of bug when a glyph (55686) "Inner Fire Glyph" didn’t remove improved 588 aura effect, if the glyph is switched off



  • From now, glyph (54931) "Glyph of Burden of Guilt" prcos from hit but not casting of ability
  • From now, talent (86172) " Divine Purpose" procs not often than once per 2 seconds.


Death Knight:

  • Proc of "Glyph of Demonic Training" is rewritten
  • Fix of bug, when the minion’s abilities 6358 or 115268 interrupted the effect of periodic damage, if the target is immune to magic effects

Siege of Orgrimmar:
  • Multiple changes in the scripts of bosses are done. The first 8 bosses are available in the heroic mode now.

Throne of Thunder:

Siege of Orgrimmar:
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