Launch of the first cross server season

28-11-2019, 08:54
Dear players! Starting December 1st, we are launching the first cross-server season of the arena and Mythic+

What awaits us:
- Common ladder for all realms in the cross
- Rewards for all realms in cross

December 1st will happen:
- Zeroing the rating of all team arenas and launching a new arena season
- Resetting all Mythic + statistics and launching the Mythic + season
- Removing all mythic keys +
- The chest in the Classhall will be cleared (you need to pick up items from the chest before the 1st)
- CD will be reset on all bosses and all dungeons
- All groups will be disbanded
- All raids will be reset and cleared

We will inform you about awards and award principles separately. Follow the news on the forum.
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