Changelog July 2013

6-04-2015, 12:15
Сакра охотника - fixed.
Щит земли шамана - corrections of healing.
Ледяная глыба мага - removes debuffs correctly.
Тотем оков земли шамана - diminishing is removed.

-Fix of loot from Анжинера Термоштепселя
-Fire gates after killing of Пророка Скверны in Sunwell are opened correctly now
-Missing mob is added to Wailing Caverns загадочный опустошитель
-Паровое подземелье: the door before the last boss is now opened correctly
-Верховная жрица Арлокк can be summoned now, upon usage of Гонг Бетекка in Zul'Gurub
-Blackrock Spire: missing boss is added Гит and its script is fixed a little.

- Fix of problem with Яростью берсерка, when under the influence of Безудержноевосстановление it worked for nothing.
- Плащ теней. Some corrections of the school of the removed debuffs.
- Танец теней is no longer removed upon ваниша.
- Lag is removed for the effects чаржа and интерсепта.
- Контроль над разумом works now, even while финде is up.
- Now, Дезертир is hung upon leaving bg.
- Names of the teams are added in the arena chart.
- Wound Poison is hung for 10s in PVP.
- Готовность no longer removes cd from Дар наару.
- Stacking of the tallents Погром and Enrage.

A system which prevents attacks of the boss while being on mounts is installed (of course, except for Leviathan)
Yogg-Saron: fix of GOs (invisible wall in the brain room). Also, transition to the 3rd phase is fixed.
Mimiron: scrip is changed a little.
Zul'Aman: fix of door to Zul'Jin.
Gnomeregan: fix of drop of from Mekgineer Thermaplugg at the high rate realms.
Mana-thombs: fix of drop of Мантия Непрощенных from Prince Shaffar.

 19.07.13 Build: 18084
- Bug with renewing of Дезертира is eliminated.
- Fix of achievement Железный человек.
- Fix of achievement Лучший защитник.
- Eye of the Storm. Fel Reaver point is fixed. Now, it's possible to deliever flag there.
- Fix of achievement Они нам дышали в затылок....
- Bombs. Now, it's possible to deactivate them. Fix of visual effect from explosion.
- Fix of achievement Оглушительный сюрприз.
- Fix of achievement Ошеломительный сюрприз.
- Fix of achievement Синий режь! Нет, красный!.
- Fix of achievement Защита древних.
- Fix of a tallent Смертоносные выстрелы.
- Upper Blackrock Spire: fix of event with Пиростраж.
- Displaying of the № of the core revision (build) is added upon the command .server info.

Fix of the quests:
Падение Черного рыцаря
Зло приближается
Средство для устрашения
Погибли при исполнении
Пропавшая без вести
Слава электрошоку!
Спаситель мохобродов
Пленники в Деревне Драконьего Черепа

Build: 18108
- Fix fo the removing of the vanish upon secondary casting.
- Nature's Grasp is fixed. Roots are no longer renewed upon 3 hits in a row.
- Barkskin. Fix of possibility to use while in some types of stuns.
- Thorns. Damage inflicted by the trees is fixed.
- Feral's beast attack no longer activates combat.
- Druid's enrage now reduces armor stat.
- Backstep and Beast Attack. Teleportation to the target is corrected if it stays with his back towards a wall or other objects.
- Mages' invisibility is corrected, now, spells like Distract no longer knock out of it.
- Fix of leaving of the arena. Now, the whole group is removed from the queue.
- Fix of amount of the players displayed in the arena chart.
- Fix of bug with teleportation of the player to the textures upon quiting the spectator mode. Tests are required.
- A possibility to spectate the player by its nickname is added.

Radius of the Proto-Warriors' reflection is added.
Eye of Eternity:
Maligos: script of the boss is rewritten completely. Some corrections of the scripts are added which allow to interact with GO while on the vehicles.
Wait for the core update...
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