The Openning of the New Pandaria x10 Realm

6-10-2013, 09:55
Dear players, we are glad to announce,

that on the 19th of October at 19:00 (Moscow time) we will launch new Mists of Pandaria x10 server.
You may download the client through the link
If you already have some other client, you need to download the following archive and put it in the game folder.

The list of the bonuses you will face with at the oppening of MoP x10:
1) Everyone who comes to the server during the first 10 days will get a special item increasing leveling speed. This is a family item and it can be send to your twink within the account. The item will be changing according to the day you created the character. At the first day, for example, you will get a family ring doubling leveling speed, and at the last day you will get an item increasing leveling speed by 10% only.
2) Everyone who creates the character during the first day will receive panda pet and, i think, there is no need to explain why.
3) During the first month, according to the played time you will receive gold directly into your bags. This is a great bonus but in reasonable amounts.
4) Also, depending on the played time, you will recieve pets and mounts. For 10, 50 and 100 played hours correspondently. 10 hours - ... , 50 hours - Детеныш крылатого стража, 100 hours - Скакун Тираэля
5) Moreover, we will gift a pack of 16-slots bags for more convenience. Small, but great.
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