Changelog July 2016

1-08-2016, 10:25
  • It's been 5 long months since we began to develop and test the visibility system. Finally, a new one has been installed on all the servers. Also, it has been optimized. During its implementation, the work of solving class issues was slowed down. Now, thanks to view distance optimization, the gameplay will become more comfortable. Moreover, overall server latency will be reduced which will improve the game quaility.
  • Dynamic visibility has been implemented. (view radius is 100 yards and will be reduced depending on the zone load)
  • View distance for important NPCs has been significantly increased (Bosses, rare spawns and big NPC will be visible from a long distance)
  • Issues with pets disappearing because of small view distance have been fixed.
  • View distance on battlegrounds and arenas has been increased so you can see the whole map.
  • Game objects' view distance has been increased in the event zone.
  • View distance has been significantly optimized in the event zone.
  • Visual issues with players or NPCs bugging out so that you can't interact with them, because they were in the wrong spot - fixed.
  • Passive auras for raids and groups has been significantly optimized.
  • View distance has been significantly optimized in general.
  • A lot of small visual bugs have been fixed.

  • Issue with giving two stamina bonuses by using bear form twice - fixed. You can no longer exploit it and make your current health points to be recalculated.




Death Knight:



  • Players that fell under the textures will be immediately telepored to the surface.




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